Countdown to see Reinna

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014 Oroville, Washington

Reinna was scheduled to come home  Wednesday, August 27th at 11:40AM, but she and 8 other sister missionaries from her mission and other Argentina missions had Visa issues for some reason and the airlines delayed them 24 hours, which meant that she came home Thursday instead and spent an extra day in Buenos Aires at a hotel with the other sister missionaries.

We had a small crew consisting of her mom, me, her brother Connelly, aunt Becky, uncle Gary, Grandma Judy, Papa Jim, and Grandma and Grandpa Quick there to welcome Reinna home at the Spokane airport. We made a sign for her that quotes 2 Timothy 4:7, one of Reinna's favorite scriptures.

Later that evening we were able to go to the Spokane temple with Connelly for the first time before he heads to his mission in Honduras. He leaves Sep 17th to the MTC in Mexico City. Time to start up a new blog in a couple of weeks! Today is the first Sunday in 18 months that I haven't sat down and written a letter to Reinna on her mission. It's been so awesome having her in the mission field. We have been blessed and Reinna has been so blessed. As a parent I couldn't be more proud of my daughter. She's grown in so many ways and is such an awesome example to our family and her friends. What is also super cool is that now we can rap in Spanish together.

Reinna and her mother spoke in church today. My cousin Nancy Burt and her husband Dean drove clear up from Ritzville to listen to her and spent the afternoon with us. BEST cousin award!!!! They're so cool!

Here's a couple of pics from her flight to arriving home. I'm trying to convince Reinna to write a final email or statement that I can end this blog with just to kind of wrap things up for this chapter in her life. Not sure if she'll have time to do it or not....don't hold your breath if you follow this blog at all, but maybe eventually.


Marsallai (Reinna's mom), Grandma Judy, and Grandma Quick

Hermana Quick

Reinna hugging Grandpa Quick

Dad, Conelly, Reinna, Grandma Judy, Mom, Papa Jim, Grandpa Quick, Grandma Quick, and aunt Becky....thank you uncle Gary for taking the pic!

Reinna, you look beautiful!

Brother Connelly with Reinna

Connelly Quick, Reinna's brother...soon to be Elder Quick...going to the temple in Spokane.

Doing a little geocaching on our 4 hour drive home from Spokane.

Reinna's friend Kimber met us at the house and had made an awesome welcome sign for Reinna.


August 25, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Well i am in Resistencia with Hna stone and tomorrow we go to Buenos Aires...I am freaking out but i am excited to see you all...I seriously can´t believe I am coming home...It doesn't feel real. Thank you so much for your dedication to me throughout my mission. You helped me more than i can express. I love you and the family soooo much! Well, I will see you in a couple days :) I hope you put bowling on the agenda haha love you!
Hermana Quick

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

You and mom are crazy!!!! Seriously dad you are busier than a missionary! haha Sounds like you had a fantastic week riding motorcycles! Where was Connelly during all this? 

I want to go to a Spanish sacrament meeting with you when i get back! and Connelly can come too and he can experience it a bit. 

Well i felt really bad all week because i was super grumpy last Monday. I am sooo sorry! I felt like i was really rude to you in my computer was SLOOOOW and then i couldn't get any of your emails, i only got the first one you sent and then i waited and i am so sorry the end of the mission is way more emotional than i thought it would be...seriously it's a roller coaster! also our recent convert told us he doesn't want to go to church if we aren't there...i about cried. some people here seriously have attachment problems. They know we aren't gonna stay forever, but such is life. I am excited for this week, we have some people to say goodbye to and we have my last reunion de distrito Wednesday and then Thursday we have a conferencia multizona. Yep and Sunday i head to Las Breñas again and me and hna Stone travel together to Resistencia Monday at 5am. I don't know the plan exactly once we get there, but today i bought almost all of my recuerdos(souvenirs), but i am gonna have to take out a little more money because i am gonna make you some food when i get there, well i just want you to try a lot! Also we are totally drinking some mate y tereré. So i will be released Thursday when I get back
Today i went to the cemetery with the hermanas and i think i killed skirvin. It is super hot and it wiped her out and we got ice cream afterward and all in all it was a fun last pday...are there any last minute things that you want? This is your last chance to ask? i may or may not write you next Monday. I don't know how much time we are gonna have. Do i give my homecoming the first Sunday home? Hey i am gonna try getting some fotos your way, but i love you soooo much!!!!! I hope you are doing great!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

The reunion sounds like it was awesome!!! i knew they had great caves up that way but i never made it out of my room or the library to go visit them, when i get back i will make a point of doing it. also the thought just occurred to me that i will have an iPhone so i can geocache as well!!! crazy! i am so glad it was all a huge success, did you meet the other part of the Lovell family? (...blah, blah, blah...lot's of post-mission questions that she's worried about.)  i think those were my only questions, but i need you to hunt down Kimber and tell her she is the coolest!!! i got a package from her this Tuesday! i don´t know how it got through the aduana(Customs) and all but i got a little taste of the states and it was pretty amazing! This week was pretty good, we were able to help a little girl get baptized and we are hoping her dad will be baptized my last Saturday in the mission!!!! i really hope he can drop the cigarettes by then. But i can't think of anything else exciting that happened. There were a bunch of mission changes but they weren´t all very clear, seriously it was a really confusing meeting because we are changing the way we count or measure as a mission, but i didn´t really get it. well nobody did. Pretty much there is a way higher focus on retention. Well i am gonna start loading some fotos but i hope you got some sleep in :) love you!!!!
Hermana Quick

August 4, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Whoa what a week!!! Motos, geocaches, fire cleanup and swimming. What a life you have there! haha Have the fires calmed down? So it sounds like your moto is as good as new then?

Well this week was suuuper slow! We were in Corrientes and Resistencia Monday and then we had lunch with an hermana who was sent home for health problems...pobrecita. We then took a colectivo to las breñas. Me and hermana skirvin were soooo tired when we got to villa angela the next day!!! I felt really sick. Wednesday was good, but skirvin had a really bad headache Thursday and we didn´t end up working and Saturday i had some lovely stomach issues and we didn´t work again...yep bad week, but it's alright today we started with a clean slate. Miguel our recent convert received the sacerdocio (priesthood) so that was really exciting and well our other investigator is really struggling to quit his addictions. Last night we passed by and he was drunk and smoking and he looked soo depressed. He had lost hope and it made me want to burst out crying, but we spoke to him and told him that there is always home and he needs to put his trust in Christ. Today we have a noche de hogar (Family Home Evening) with his family so hopefully it turns out well :) Also i had my last reunion de testimonios y ayuno (Fast and Testimony Meeting). yep i almost started crying because it was sooo good!!! The branch's three new converts all got up and bore their was amazing. We had a baptism and we are helping a niña escrita get baptized this Saturday. Enduring to the end means to the last second and i am determined to finish strong. i am exhausted, but will finish strong:) I love my companion and my area and my branch, but yep i am good. I am sooo excited for Connelly!!!!!!  I am excited to get home though. I want to pack in some fun before I go to Utah. You are gonna have to keep our schedule nice a jam packed so we can make the best of my time there!!!! Well i guess i will send this your way but i hope you know that i love you sooooo much!!!! I am so excited to give you a giant hug!!!

Hermana Quick

Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

So today i am actually in Resistencia :) I am just a traveler...haha! Almost all of the missionaries who go home with me next month had to go sign a paper in Corrientes so we can leave the country in a mes(month). Yep and Hna Young reminded me of the little time we have left and how this Sunday is our last fast and testimony meeting. It's all a little crazy if you ask me. I feel like i have a whole lot more to go, but the truth is that i don't. We had a baptism this past Saturday. It was really awesome!!!! I bet you saw pictures on the rama facebook page, but i will send some next week. This cyber isn't so good, but don't worry there are pictures coming:) This week was a trying one. On Monday we got to an investigators house and the wife came out balling...she didn't say a word she just grabbed me in a huge hug. I let her cry and afterward she told me her husband was drunk and was trying to kick them out of the house and they hadn't eaten all day. I am happy to report that he hasn't drank alcohol for a week now, but it broke my heart...i felt hopeless but with some intense prayers and a lot of frequent visits we have helped the family get back of track. i do feel like my heart has taken a good beating this last 17 months. I am doing good though. i have days that i wanna give up but Jesus didn't throw in the towel when it got tough and he didn't suffer for almost all the sins of the world, no he suffered for every single one so that every single one of us can return to our heavenly father. I am doing my best to finish strong and we are excepting two more baptisms next week. Hopefully all works out :) Thanks for the recipes and thanks for the fotos. Are you gonna go do the mormon manos cosa(That would be Mormon Helping Hands thing)? Oh we had interviews with president this week and he is super cool! i got a picture, but sorry you are gonna have to wait a week to see :( He was also in Corrientes this morning and he bought us breakfast and then bought us alfajores, he is a very tranquilo nice guy. :) 

Anyway tell connelly to take advantage of his time! If he doesn't study the language at least get the doctrine because that will help a ton!!! Hey i am gonna send this real quick because the internet is being really werid. I love you alll sooooooo much!!!! 

love you!
Hermana Quick

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Well you freaked me out a little with the info about the fires but you cheered me right up at the end by mentioning a new phone for me when I return! You are the best!!!! Austi wrote me and told me that she is gonna be flying in as well...i can´t explain how excited i am. I also really wanna go on some of these hikes with you, as you know i am actually a professional walker now so you are gonna have to up your game up haha! thanks for the fotos it makes me so happy to see you and mom's smiling faces!!!! But hey is the fire dying down? Today it is stinkin hott!!!! Most days this week are nice with a lot of sun, and yea we even complain a tiny bit, but then the sun goes down...and i always lose feeling in my toes and it becomes super duperty cold. But its alright it could always be worse. But i still haven't met our new mission president and i still haven´t heard his voice, but i am hoping that this week we will get to meet him! fingers crossed ;) He didn´t change a whole lot for transfers, so it is official that Hna Skirvin will be my very last companion in the mission!!!!! Yay! I am super excited to end in this branch as well. We are having some investigator troubles, but they are still progressing. We also have an other investigator that has proven to be crazy at times. He has broken almost every commandment on earth, but he is repenting. It's been an adventure teaching him and i really do believe he will get baptized, not sure in what time frame though haha. All in all my week was pretty good. I won´t lie though, i am suuuper tired, i really feel like i have given my mission my all and this last little push is tough, but i am making the best of it! I love you sooo much! Tell Abril and Kimber that i really loved their letters! and also i got a letter from grandma Quick and the Kentucky Quick's. It was awesome! Also i got your Spanish corrections, but i haven´t quite finished reading them yet :) But thank you so much! I am really grateful for all the support that i have had my entire mission!

Hey could you send me the recipes for those things i wrote before, i don´t remember exactly what was on the list now, but Skirvin is in a cooking mood. I am sooo excited to help Connelly out for a couple weeks before he leaves! really i have been with a lot of newbies so i can definitely help him :) i should finish the bom in a week in a half i bet, but we shall see. i love you sooo much and i am already excited for next Monday to write you again! love you and tell mom i love her too!

Hermana Quick

Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

(Just received Reinna's travel plans today to return home at the end of August. She arrives in Spokane on August 27th in the morning. SUPER EXCITING!)

Sounds like you had an awesome week!!!!! Scout camp..i am a little jealous that girls camp isn´t like boys camp. i would have actually made an effort to go. oh well thank goodness my dad already taught me everything i need to know :) I forgot that you were called as scout master, those kids are so lucky. Speaking of the heat, it has been really nice these last few days! Today i tried running a little for my pday....yep it was the first time in almost 6 months...haha it was paaaiiinnfuulll. Skirvin sat in a swing and cheered me on, but whoa i couldn´t breath worth a darn and it was hot and there was an intense warm wind...gross! But we tried to have a water balloon fight with the balloons that mom sent in my bday package, yep we thought we would fill up the bigger ones with more water, but they wouldn´t pop! I literally chest bumped all the balloons that skirvin threw at me but they popped when they hit the ground. Also we played some Frisbee. It was a tranquilo pday. Also we were all locked in for all the Argentina soccer games, but i definitely heard when they won on Wednesday! In my boredom i made a dart board and a basketball hoop and i was good and entertained. I am also trying to finish the bom in Spanish again by the time i get home, but when i finish i will start again and see if i can catch up to you two. where are you at? I am trying to fill in an entire textbook on Spanish by the time i go home, i started two weeks ago and i have a big chunk done, but i have a lot to do still. there are so many little things that i am learning. Oh but we didn´t work at all yesterday. We went to church and then we were in the pension the rest of the day. We both took a long nap and i didn´t sleep at all last night. Now i am running on pop ;) Oh we do have an amazing investigator now who had several vicios to drop and we made a plan to drop them by the 20th yep he is clean! It is sooo exciting! Him and his daughter are progressing really well. no one else wants to talk to us, but we are grateful for the blessing of teaching them. Oh the 9th was also the independence day of Argentina and hna skirvin and i cooked a huge lunch for the hermanas because we are 3 gringas and 3 argentinas! it was super fun. But yep that was my week :) Tomorrow we will receive the phone call for transfers... i hate working with that phone call hanging over my head! Also i don´t know anything about travel plans yet. (I sent them her way today so now she knows) i am waiting for someone to tell me, but i heard they changed the way they do transfers and that i should be in my home on the 26th but i don´t know...we shall see :) I am really praying that i stay with Skirvin because i know she will help me finish strong and yep i went to a lesson with the branch president the next day and he was telling me about your little chat. he is so cool! Oh so this week is the first time i think i had a dream about being home and there were motos all over the place! i am so excited for you and mom to teach me how to ride. i am so glad that you are loving them! Hey can you tell connelly to take like 10 minutes to write me and he can ask me all sorts of questions. i am gonna bring some of my mtc books home so he can have an idea of what the mtc is gonna be like. I would have him get some Spanish folletos from the elders de omak and have him memorize the first vision from preach my gospel. All newbies tell about the experience of jose smith at least that's what i made my hijas do. But the folletos are from pmg but they are shorter and he can learn some good frases from them. the best way to learn is to practice though. I will help him when i get back :) i am so pumped! Well i will send this your way. I love you all soooo much!!!!

Hermana Quick

Well i need to be going, but i love you sooo much! i hope you have a fantastic week! when i get back also i wanna go on that green drink thing you said, vegetables just aren´t consumed in this part of Argentina. I love you soo much! tell the family i love them! I hope you have a great week and thank you so much for all that you do for me!!!! i really have the best family in the whole wide world :)

Hermana Quick

ps. a crazy detail...this week i start my last transfer...gross! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo excited for him!!!!! That is only one of the most dangerous missions in the world, but he will be protected!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!!! He is gonna Learn spanish toooooooo!!!!! I haven´t been able to breath for a whole week but it was totally worth it!!!!!! YAY!
Oh my gosh i am so happy for Connelly right now!!!! I was almost on the verge of trunki this week waiting to know where he was going! Also i knew you and mom were out cruising on motos so yep it was a tough week to focus, but it ended up really well! We are starting to see some fruits from our labors. For the 4th of July Skirvin and i bought a chicken and cut up potatoes and drenched them in chimichurri good! and we made a salad too and we made a cake. yep we lived up up! And after that we went out and did a few contacts with a member. All in all it was a good week, oh i don´t know if i told you, but the rama here in Villa Angela has a Facebook page if you wanna see what we are up to. Well i will attach some pics and send this your way!!! I am just so happy i have no idea what to write :D
A little Argentina fútbol pride going on in this pic!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Dang why can't you be home already!!!!! I want to know where Connelly is headed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's been called to the Tegucigalpa, Honduras mission and leaves Sep 17th, but he didn't open his letter until 10PM Monday night, so Reinna won't know until next Monday) 

I am so proud of my studdly parents, do you think i will pass this motorcycle class or was it hard? I am glad you had a great week! (mom and dad took and motorcycle class, got the endorsement, and bought a couple of motorcycles to cruise around on)

My week was pretty good, it was the same old same old. We walk around all day and try teaching people, in this area we get rejected more than we teach but me and Skirvin are enjoying our time together :) I went to Saenz Peña for divisions this week and it was fun, but just a lot of traveling. So i actually tried working out good this morning...whoa i am out of shape! it is also super cold in the morning, when we left the apartment this morning it was 61 degrees...yep i hardly ever feel my poor toes. they are generally a purple or white color. 61 without insulation with humidity, it is freezing! but i am just really accustomed to Argentina weather :) But hey i will send this your way and i gotta check out your fotos still. 

Your bikes are sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skirvin and i are just dying over here! I am so excited for my parents to visit me at school on their motos. how cool! Does it hurt mom's back to ride? She looks like such a gangster in the pics you sent! Do you have a picture with all your gear? When are you gonna get home?  i am dying to know where Connelly is going and when he leaves!!!!

Love you sooo much!!!!

Hermana Quick

June 24, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Sounds like a semana bien tranquila :) I love the fotos! You got some beautiful views. There aren´t mountains here at all, not even small hills. it's a little weird but i am way used to it now. This week was prettty good. Hna Skirvin was a little sick. We were talking with our branch president (who is awesome) and he said there is a virus of some sort going around because everyone is getting sick. My stomach is better, but you just kinda get used to the gross feeling. But we finally had someone at church this week so we were super happy about that. And like you mentioned in your letter, we had the despidida de los Heymans. Do you read their blog? they have a...instagram thing too if you wanna see more. But maybe you already knew that. It was super sad, but life is full of changes. But they are due for a rest. The new president gets here the 1st of July. It was awesome seeing all the missionaries and we ate subway!!!! Which is brand new in our mission and it was the most veggies that i had eaten in months! I also realized today that me, Hna stone, Cuello and Tolman are the oldest hermanas in our mission. We were the first to get our visas, well Tolman is from Canada so they don´t have visa problems and Cuello is from Argentina. Everyone kept asking me how i was doing, but really it was hilarious because i am not trunki at all...sorry i love you all but i am the least trunki out of my group by far. Me and skirvin have a lot to improve before transfers and well maybe the last transfer will be harder, but right now it is a cake walk. okay it's still the mission, we hardly ever eat cake, jajaja. I am doing really good though! I am really tired and i will continue to be so for a week. We took a bus at 4AM to get to Resistencia and then we slept in Las Breñas and tomorrow i have divisions so i will be going to Saenz Peña but the bus leaves at 5...yep i am gonna be so dead by Sunday. i love you sooo much!!!!!! I hope you are all doing great!!!!

Hermana Quick

Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

So talking about Connelly´s mission call, me and Skirvin were both guessing Chile also...and we are definitely praying for it, but wherever he goes is gonna be so cool!!! I am excited to write him when he is on his mission and send him stuff! So this week was pretty good. We went to Saenz Peña for the conferencia de distrito. It was super great! The messages were powerful and the spirit was really there. I got to see a few members from Ensanche Sur and then we stayed the night at another hermana's apartment. It was awesome too! We ate pancakes and then we went to the session. The branch president brought a few of my converts and I talked to hna Guevara. She had a lot to tell me. Also she told me a few really sad stories about some other converts but it's alright, everybody has their libre albedrio. We stayed last night in las breñas and we have spent the whole pday with two other companionships. It has been soo fun! We will be staying here tonight again and tomorrow we will get home. And next Monday we are going to Resistencia for an all mission conference! Then we will be in las breñas again. so next week i will write you Tuesday. So how is Connelly? Is he working or just studying for the mission? haha or sleeping and xboxing it up? I can´t tell you all how blessed i feel to be in the mission and how happy i am that i have you all as a family. I love you all so much and i am so excited to see you :) 

Well i should probably get going, but now that connelly isn´t busy with school, you should make him write me more! I literally missed a year of his life so i am a little curious. Tell mom and Austi that they are very loved and well i miss you all tons. Also do you all want Argentina soccer jerseys? The first mundial game happened yesterday and it sounded like Argentina won so if you want there are a ton of jerseys around. I am a little nervous on what to get you all because i have been gone a while and i am not sure if i should bring back a ton of stuff or if i should be more moderate...let me know, but hey i love you all and i will write next week.

I will get some pictures your way in a second. I love you all.

Hermana Quick

Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Oh my gosh your email just made me so happy my eyes are all watery!!!!! Austianna is such a good sister!!!! (She drove up to Oroville after work on Friday for Connelly's graduation.) I am impressed and dang i am so glad everyone could be there for Connelly on his special day and of course for mom´s birthday!!! Me and my companion had a moment of silence for you all. I can´t tell you how happy I am to know that you are all doing so good!!!!!!!!!!! I got a letter this week from sister Pitts, brother Pitts and Dayna and Connelly. It was super awesome, the letter from connelly seriously made me laugh until I almost cried! It is now on the wall as a permanent reminder of how great a brother I have. Well a lot is changing your way and the same thing is happening here. Transfers this month were ridiculous! Almost every hermana was changed and did a white wash. I didn´t do a white wash, but I absolutely love my companion!!!!! I won´t say her name yet. I will just send you a pic. No one wanted to talk to us this week it was an interesting week, but I was lost because I am now in Villa Angela and well, I just love my companion! I am doing good! I gave a talk on Sunday and I also had to give the class for relief fun! Today when I get done writing we are traveling to Las Breñas and we will stay there with 6 other hermanas for the night. In the morning we have a meeting and then we come back and then I travel back to Saenz Peña Saturday for the conferencia de distrito and i will see my old rama again. Then we might come back Sunday or we will travel to las breñas again and stay the night and come back's gonna be crazy! I am super excited though! Hey I love the fotos that you sent me!!! you are all so beautiful! or okay there is a word in inglés that I can´t remember but you all look really great!!!!! 

Hermana Quick

Yep my new\old companion is the hna Skirvin!!!!!! We are still kinda in shock that we are comps...Also, I am so excited to see where Connelly gets called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh our last pday we went to the zoo again. It was awesome because all the animals were eating, they had like 15 cougars, and they were are growling at each other and there were several animals that were missing, and some were out of their cages but oh well. Oh it is also getting colder here every day! during the day it is doable but at night it is freezing!!!! and our new apartment is... eh we can´t flush our toilet paper...what a bummer no!

shoot i will be back in a sec...okay 2 hours i got to go get a bus.

love you!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Dad, that was the best kite adventure I have ever heard!!!! I am so proud! That lame man on the lawn mower just doesn´t know that you can fly a kite at any time and at any age...all the cool people are doing it. It sounds like we are gonna need more string when i get back though :) I am so excited to see grandma and grandpa´s new house! I can´t believed they moved. 

I am in shock right now....Connelly is gonna graduate!!!!!! He is so old!!!! How is mom doing? mission papers? Is Austi coming up too? I am so excited to see those pictures! Also its gonna be mom´s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! What an exciting week! I also have transfers tomorrow...i am nervous as we are expecting big changes. 

This week...well, I watched a huge double decker bus crash into a huge electric pole. It was pretty funny because he was backing up in the bus parking lot, yep and we had a sketching lesson with a women who told us her whole life story without breathing and i was in shock like whoa! 

It has been warming up again, well the sun is super hot but the shade is like ice. It's interesting. Walking to church on Sunday was sketchy because there was a fog covering everything so we couldn't see so well, and it was cold, but it was good in the end. The reciente converts aren't coming to church because of the cold, so that has been sad. Pte Heyman has been really stressing retention lately, but really we do our part to retain the people, but they still have their agency and Satan has a way of making people think it is okay not to come to church. It's frustrating. Yep, but all in all, life is good! I am happy and like you said, I am just trying to make the best of every moment. 

Oh in reply to Patty´s comment. I tract all day long. We have about 4 to 6 lessons a day and we are just looking for people who wanna listen and are willing to go to church and change their lives. But to be honest i really don´t know the definition to tracting(yet she's doing it everyday. Reinna's awesome)...this language thing has just made me real confused, what is inglés and what is español...I have no idea. I love you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!! Love you all tons! Tell connelly good luck for me and take tons of pictures!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Quick

PS. Oh i got your letters with the corrections! It was awesome because you corrected me on some things that I figured out right before I got your letter. Every day the language gets a little easier, but it is a never ending process of learning. :) I love it!

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Whoa! dad, you got a shiner that's for sure! That sign looks legit by the way! Way to be family for helping out Connelly. I am glad you are in the final stages and then you can leave it in the past. Did they have a good tractor race in keremeos? 

There was a really good article in the Liahona about family history work this month. It made me think of you. Yep it has gotten nice and freezing suddenly! I definitely study in my bed because that's where the heater is at. I hope I stay in this area because we have a hot shower (the bathroom is still freezing but beggars can´t be choosers) and we have a heater. So i just stay in my room, unless I need to go to the bathroom, and really walking hasn´t been too bad either. But the first day we were not prepared and there was an icy wind! Oh how it hurt! We could see our breath and there was a frost on the ground. Yep we had to go back to the apartment to get out our winter clothes...I thought we had a little more time before the winter. I am doing good though! 

It was a pretty fun week though. It was cold and no one wanted to talk to us, but somehow we managed to stay positive. I made pancakes twice this week and an hermana had stuff to make syrup sooo that was delicious! Then we used the root beer kit, it was sooo good! We definitely made root beer floats! I love kimber sooo much! Thanks Kimber! We did all that on divisions so that was fun. All in all I am doing good. I realized how short the mission is so i am just trying to live it up and take advantage of the awesome time. Real life is gonna be way harder so I am grateful for all I am learning so I can be a better person after. This is the last week before transfers. I am super nervous, but it's all right come what may. Oh the best part of the week...i will send a picture! I love you so much! Love you!

So is your stomach feeling any better?
Yep i think so or I have just gotten used to it. Do you see that i got the best package in the world????!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried! I love everything, especially the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! there were only two people that got there packages this month and I was one of them! I am excited to make a dart board so thanks for the darts companion thinks I am crazy. I have a group of hermanas surrounding me at the moment...I think I need to go, it has been hard to write with the talking going on, but i love you sooo much! I miss you more than I can explain and I pray for you always. i hope you have the best week ever!!! And enjoy your vacation day!!!!! Love You!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 19, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

So i haven´t read all of your email this week because i was talking to the amazing Hna Young. But it sounds like your week was super crazy busy. i am so excited for Connelly to get his mission call!!!!! 

You have so many meetings during the week. This week was a tough one for me, but I got through it. I was sick all week, but I don´t think that is gonna change. I think Argentina has just ruined my body so I am gonna be sick till i get home. My stomach is just a mess. Every time I eat anything with acid, it dies, but on the bright side I can still walk just fine. 

Sunday was the birthday of my companion(I can tell Reinna how we say this in English when she returns), and she talked to her family and then we had a great dinner of empanadas, pizza and cake! I also made my companion a cake like a good comp. 

I don´t have much else to report because I spent quite a bit of time in the apartment sleeping because I was sick. This week will be way better though. 

I am definitely gonna read some awesome seccions from dyc and I will get motivated again, but if you have some inspirational stuff for next week I am ready :) I love you all soo much! I wish I could have seen your home run too! I now understand the importance of a bat :) But it takes skill too, don´t sell yourself short. That billboard is huge that Connelly is painting! hey how is the graduation stuff coming? Hey i love ou all sooo much! I can´t express how much i miss you all but it's a lot! I hope you are all ready to have tons of fun in August! I hope you all have a great week!

Hey I feel like I didn´t write so much this week, but I love you tons and I am sending you a pic of the dinner we had! The guy in yellow is hopefully gonna be baptized super soon! Dad I hope you have a great week. I really appreciate that you write me every week and you always support me completely. I miss you tons, but I know that you are rooting me on right now to keep going strong so i will do my best!  I hope you enjoyed Canada at the parade! Love you!

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

We were able to Skype with Reinna on Mother's Day. She's doing awesome and is getting nervous about being home in a few months...end of August! 

Here's an excerpt from her email Monday....Whoa it was so great seeing you!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the fotos also. You and mom and sooo cute! and tell Connelly to keep hanging in there(he was sick on Sunday with the flu). I am better, but my whole body hurts. I feel like an elephant sat on half of my body. It is really weird. 

Oh i am a little trunki but it's all good as my goal is to enjoy the mission while it lasts because I see the finish line. I was really grateful that mom said that I don´t have to do everything in a rush when I get back because I feel that pressure. Here we plan for every second of everyday and at home I am scared I will go a little nutty or I will regress into a major bum. But finding work is the scariest thing for me. Whoa it stresses me out. I have time though...I think. 

Hey i will send this your way and i will get some pictures to you too:) i love you so much and it made me so happy to see you yesterday!

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(I couldn't help but include another pic of Reinna's old, worn out shoes. They're pretty cool. She finally bought new ones this week as the ones we sent in a package still haven't arrived and we're doubting she'll ever see them)

I was absolutely exhausted this week! It is super cloudy and rainy but it is hot out. It's really uncomfortable. We also walked waaay more this week and Sunday I was dead! My knee was shot, so we rested because my companion is also sick  and has back problems. Church was interesting though because it was raining and thundering sooo hard that the lights went out! Not many people showed up early and my companion and I gave the class in Sociedad de Socorro (Relief Society), but there were only two ladies so it was more like a charla(discussion).

We had two baptisms Saturday and we are expecting another this Saturday. Also, we have a multi-zone conference tomorrow, and I am super excited because I am gonna see Hna Valerio and Skirvin! Oh I am waiting about the Skype thing on Mother's Day. There aren´t any members in our branch that have Skype or a camera, but the branch nearby has one member. We'll have to take turns with those hermanas and as of now I got the short end of the stick because it isn´t a member from our branch,but as of now i will be calling you at 5 here so i think that is 1 your time. I am waiting for that to be confirmed, but for now, plan on chatting at 5PM my time next Sunday.

But yep all is good, i am suuuuper tired! But life is good :) I love you tons! I also bought new shoes and i will send you some pics of the old ones :) I'll show you my new shoes next Sunday:)

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

So can i see a picture of Connelly's prom?! Well I looked for shoes today, but I found one pair that seemed pretty good, but it was 450 pesos...yea shoes here are super expensive!!!!(I told her to just buy them already!!!) But i think my shoes are gonna give me back problems okay that's already happening. My back has been hurting this week...but i am looking. So i have a new companion from Nicaragua, Hna Mayories Guevara. Hna Sihuay was sent to Circunvalación, exactly where i started my mission, so that was funny. Hna Valerio and Hna skirvin got transferred together to the neighboring zone so i got to see them both in the terminal!!!! I was sooo happy to see them. Also Hna Young who is one of my better friends here in the mission is also in my zone so now i am a little more excited for district meetings. My companion seems good, but these last couple days have been really stressful for me. I have to direct the area and well we had 3 more baptisms, so that was awesome! I am stressed because we are seeing many baptisms in our area but i don´t want that to change. It looks bad if you have a ton of success and then nothing, but that just means we have to work extra hard and that's the part that is stressing me out. I probably just need to relax a bit and keep doing what I'm doing:). My companion has a strong personality and i am her first gringa so she corrects me way more. Besides i normally correct myself when i say something wrong and she is all over that. We'll get used to each other quickly though! This week I read a couple of the emails that you and mom sent me so that i could dig deep down and keep going strong. I have been praying a lot so i know the lord will help me adjust to my new companion. Every one is different of course:) But other than that all is well. I love you so much dad and i hope you are doing great!!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Well transfers are tomorrow so every missionary here is good and anxious...yikes! i hope my companion stays because we are doing really well together and with all the people it has really helped me stay super focused because people ask me when I'm going home and I say 4 months...that's not much time so I am trying to make the very best of it. This week was pretty good, we had 2 more baptisms and everyone was in vacations. Yep, apparently for semana santa (Holy Week) you aren´t supposed to eat red meat. Many people almost had heart attacks when they asked me if i eat meat. (I had never heard of this Easter tradition. Must be because I'm not catholic.) 

I spoke in church this Sunday too! It was really good, we have increased asistencia (attendance) mucho so our branch president is liking it. We get along well. 

Yea, I can't think of another exciting thing to tell you so i am gonna send this your way and then get some pictures to you :) I love you soooo much dad!!!! I miss you like crazy but I know I will see you soon enough. Oh, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish finally! Now I started again :) love you!

Hermana Quick

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

First your hat from alcatraz is pretty sweet!!! (I sent her a pic of me boarding at 49 Degrees North on Saturday) I felt like I was with you in the snow the other day as Monday and Tuesday it was super hot, but then a big ole storm came and whoa, we are all in coats with our heaters turned on now. I think this week it will get really hot again though. Where is Connelly playing this year on his team? Is he running track too? Did you visit the farm house with the huge hay shoot in Rexburg?  I went there quite a few times and it is owned by a familia Lovell. Grandma Quick I believe has a picture of it. 

Whoa, the thought of running sounds intense. I gained a kilo of ice cream this week from my leaders. We made a deal that if our 4 baptisms happened we would get a kilo from them and if they didn´t happen or one fell through we would buy a medio kilo for them. Yep we got the kilo!!!! Some dulce de leche con brownie, cereza, chocolate blanco, and tiramisu really makes your day all better. Also our baptisms happened!!!!! I don´t think i have ever prayed so much in my life! We had sooo many obstáculos and one of our baptisms had a ton of doubts because of her boyfriend, but we got the situation all figured out and he is gonna be baptized next month too:) He went to her baptism and then to church on Sunday and now he is pumped, but whoa, he bajó la caña a nuestra investigadora (got after our investigator!). It was tough and of course it rained suuuper hard and we gave a lesson by candle light because the power got cut. All in all it was an awesomely stressful week, but our branch now is looking more animated, because we had 4 baptisms and the elders had 4 more and well it took a half hour to get them all confirmed. It was great. My companion almost fell in the mud during the storm so that was funny. We had interviews with president and that was cool. While we were waiting for our interview we had to do practices in front of everyone again, but it was alright. Yep and this week we have two more baptisms so it's pretty exciting. Hey, you never told me the favorite scripture stories of everyone! I need to know! I sent you all a letter today...okay it had a couple letters and it was 48 pesos! mail is expensive here. 

My companion is cool, and I need her to stay because her knowledge of the area is much better than mine. Transfers are next week and i hope we stay together because together we have been doing good work! We are looking at baptisms every weekend so far. Hopefully we both stay. Tell Austi hello and that i love her! Scripture stories!!!! Tell them I want to know what everyone's favorites are...I need this info:)

I love you sooo very much and I pray for you always. I am doing really good, but please keep me in your prayers, and make sure Connelly reads a little bit from the scriptures every day too! Have I mentioned that I love you, because I really do! Tell the family how much I love them tooo!!!!!! I am so grateful that we are gonna be an eternal family and that thought really motivates me :) Have a fantastic week!!!

I love you soooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Whoa sounds like a really busy week! Conference here was also super busy :) We had two investigators and one recent convert stay at all 4 sessions!!!! Yep they are getting baptized. I was wondering if any women were actually gonna go to the priesthood session, que tontaría. Yea i wish we could have seen a little coldness during conference, i got sun burned when we left to go look for investigators, it was suuuper hot and humid and we would hustle to the conference, take notes chat in the English room and then run out to go find more people. and we would be back in an hour and a half. We took a ton of buses and remises (like a Taxi), but it was all part of the fun. I am so pumped to see this headstone some day!!! Way to be dad!!!! 

So the conference talks were fantastic! I thought about watching conference in Spanish but i am so glad i didn´t because the Spanish translator for holland was boring! They missed all the emotion and it is so awesome to just hear their voices. i have been studying the notes i took in conference and whoa is it important to trust the lord. I also loved elder Stevenson's talk. this is our 4 minutes. I wrote you all a letter about conference, but it turns out it is feriado for the post office today! something is always closed here. the schools here have had sooo many days off because all the teachers have been protesting. hey when is Easter? All in all this week was pretty tranquila we were just prepping for conference and all. oh my apartment has a new shower and air now so that is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I was dying of heat. But i am happy to hear that my Spanish is getting better, i wrote you quite a few letters in Spanish, next week i will send them your way. Oh i got a card from Dolly! tell her thanks and that i love her alright. 

the weather is super hot! in this area people don´t yell, in my other area people would yell hermosa at me...haha it was super funny, but i haven´t received mashed potatoes to my face or anything...yet...dadadaaa yep there were tons of crocidiles and lions at the zoo! i literally was inches from one, i almost go to touch its nose, but it got spooked and slid into the water.

oh well i need to get going, but you can still respond to my questions and i will read them next week. Austi sent me some pics and i just wanna let you all know that you are all beautiful! I love you so much and thank you for all your prayers and support! Connelly i am so excited for you to go on the mission, it will change you and you will find a happiness that i don´t even know how to describe, but the gospel changes you. It makes you better, it brings you peace no matter what situation might present itself. I am so glad that i will see you all soon! Drive safe!!!

Hermana Quick

love you all soooo much!!!

Hermana Quick

Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Yay! Utah! haha good luck getting on the road :) Yep we have a lot of contact with everybody because we si o si have to talk with our leaders every night to verifiy that we are in the pension and that every thing is all right and sometimes they ask for numbers. telegraph, that is so cool! My companion is good, the divisons were nice because i was with a gringa but i let her know that she was in charge and i am a missionary just like her and i have a lot to learn ;) she is super cool though. Our practice with president Heyman was really good. Everyone taught a commandment but i picked the plan of salvacion out! i have a hard  time giving that lesson in 30 but this was a practice for ten. Pres said that we are great teachers but that i talked suuuuper fast. But i did the whole plan of salvacion in 10 minutes and i verified her commitments. It was really good. I was super nervous and i thought my companion was gonna pass out, but we made it through :) i haven´t gotten a package, but we have interviews in a few days and really it has been raining a ton so i haven´t really used my shoes that much. this week was stressful though because we also moved to a new apartment, it is smaller but it is nicer. The only problem is that the shower is plastered to the wall so that is gonna be fixed this week and our air is gonna get put in annnddd the first night we ended up killing like 30 cockroaches! I wanted to kill my companion because she would stand there like a freaking statue and point and scream and i would hve to kill them. She knew i was ticked. But we have some poision in our apartment now and now it is bicho free! yay! I also got the worst migrane i have had in my mission the day after because i didn´t sleep much after killing all those cockroaches but it was Saturday and Saturday is crucial if people are gonna come to church. I sucked it up and went to work, but by the end of the day i could have and almost threw up because of the pain every foot step was like a sledge hammer to my head. It was horrible but it went away by Sunday in the afternoon and we had 7 people at church so it was worth it. Oh i also have gastritis. I am on a acid, grease, fat diet thing. only for two weeks though and i am already feeling waay better. Oh today me and my companion went to the zoo!!!!! It was super cool. and hilarious because in almost every cage there were animals like from different countries and then there were random chickens and yea it was funny. Well l i am gonna try sending you some pics but my camera is about to die. Okay so i wanna know your and the families' favorite stories from the book of mormon and the bible. For example mom, abinidai and jesus helping pedro walk on water. That would be really awesome, hey did you verify the information from my trunki papers? is it all good? I love you tons :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 25, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(The pic is the beginning of Reinna's Trunky's the mission office giving her the date of departure, August 26th, and their confirming of travel least confirming which airport she is to arrive home at in August!)

Hey!!!!! So i didn´t die or anything, but i got a really sad phone call last night when i was writing in my journal that said our pday was cancelled!!!! I thought it was a joke but it was some sort of a holiday yesterday and we had to today is pday and tomorrow i have divisions with the hermana lider capacitadoras. Should be fun. We also have a meeting with president...Another hermana and i will be doing practices in front of everyone at a meeting...yep i am nervous but we do get lunch :) First, whoa dad! your schedule is crazy! But it sounds like a ton of fun. Yea i wish i could go running with you as my companion hates running so i just try to do a ton of ab work outs, but that doesn´t do a whole lot, i am scared i am gonna start getting fat, not sure why because i have lost weight here, but most people get accustomed to the food and gain weight after a year...

Yea that dog then next day got out of his gate for the first time ever and i had to go to the bathroom, i thought it was weird that the gate was open but i walked in because i really needed to use the bathroom. I walked in about ten feet and the dog was on the other side of a moto and he saw me...yep i have teeth marks on my umbrella now. Thank goodness i had it with me as it was sprinkling all morning...Yea my companion was screaming as it was trying to get me, but she thought enough to close the gate when i ran backwards out. then i hooked the gate with my umbrella and he chowed down on my umbrella handle...I straight up thought i was dead. The neighbor called someone to take care of the dog, but our other neighbors were locked into their apartment because he was so vicious. And thank goodness our neighbors are rich and have a really nice bathroom :) It was a tough week of dog attacks and i just might bring treats because i am pretty jumpy now, everyday we have been almost eaten, i think it must have been a full moon or something, yesterday was alright though. I hate one of our barrios though, the yards aren´t closed and every house has at least 3 dogs, there are constant dog fights happening. My companion is finally getting it that i do not want to work in that barrio, i don´t care if it is close to the church. 

On Sunday we also had 12 investigators at church!!!! It was fantastic! There is a ton of work here and i love it. the small town feel is so great. Also there are a ton of gringos's like i fit right in. So my companion is good, but i really have to go to Peru one day because peruanas are so excited when they talk about their country, it is always the best in everything. There is something about peru. Oh hey i read that Divergent book, but i didn´t know it was gonna be a movie, very cool. Love you!!!

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Oh dad i love your awesome letters! Sounds like a busy week to me but in comparison to the other ones you have written about maybe it was pretty tranquilo. Yea it really isn´t that cooler yet...the wind is nice but the sun is a stupidly hot ball of flames! I am still getting sun burned and it has been raining more so it's like you are boiling. But hey i have survived a lot so this is nothing. :) Transfers happened and me and my companion were both taken out of our area.  My companion is now in corrientes and Hna Skirvin is her compaion!!! I am also no longer a Sister leader but i am in Saenz Peña, Chaco as m1. My companion is exactly what i needed. She only has 3 transfers in the mission and we are in a campo. It is like being in the boonies and i love it!!! We walk waaaaay more. We live a half hour from our area so yep i am really hoping i get my shoes this week. My companion´s name is Miluska Sihuay she is from Lima Peru. I am not gonna lie it is tough going from my last companion to her. Hna Valerio was fighting back major tears as we said good bye and well i was too. I had a ton of fun with her! My companion now hates sports and is nothing like me but so far we have been gettting along really well and she has a love for the work. I am not so trunki anymore either because i decided i wasn´t going to mention it with her ever. I set a bunch of goals so i could really start growing. We should also be moving this week into a new apartment so i am excited for that. I spoke in our tiny branch on Sunday and we also had a baptism. Okay i didn´t do anything and i am gonna send a picture to the other hna. This area is really great though, the hermanas had two big families that can be baptized and now. All in all i am doing really good. I will send some pics your way and well i am gonna buy a new memory card por las dudas but i dont´think i will get robbed here. It is waaaay more tranquilo. The campos are always so much better! Hey i love you all soooooo much!!!!!! You are always in my prayers and i hope you have a fantastic trip to Utah. And yeah for awesome headstones! I hope you have a fantastic week. Love you!

Hermana Quick

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, Formosa, Argentina

Woo I want Connelly to get out there on the mission but i am glad he is gonna wait a tiny bit for me before going. Transfers happen this week! I am freaking out, i want a change but i have been here for a while so changes are always scary. My companion has a month less than me and well so far we are still together but we shall see. I really hate transfer day. We have to work all day and then at 9:00PM we get a phone call to see if we are leaving or not. yep i am nervous. 

i wrote you a couple letters in spanish but the correo (post office) was closed when we got to it, so i am gonna see if i can swing by at some point and try again. I haven´t gotten the package yet with the new shoes, but i am definitely due for some new shoes. Mine have a lot of holes. 

Well this week was a tough one, so i need to make a plan on how to improve this week. Good news though: this week we had a baptism! It was a familia parcial and she is awesome. After the baptism is when the fun really started. We went to a family and the grandpa thinks that he was translated...yep maybe he was i won´t argue, but his grandson isn´t baptized. My companion didn´t even try talking to him(the grandson that is), but it was super funny because in the end he called me a bunch of vulgar names and threw something at my arm as i was leaving. It was also the first time anyone has ever yelled shut up at me during a prayer...he's only like 9 years old! But i killed him with my patient passive aggressive voice. He also threw his folleto(pamphlet) at me but i pick it up and brought it back to his grandparents. Yea the funny thing is i didn´t say anything as he was just straight up crazy, and he had a smile on his little face the whole was so weird. And after that a lady asked me to bless her brother. yep it was a weird night so we gave up for the night because all the crazies were out. also today i feel a little traumatized because i watched a man get attacked by 2 dogs. He was a homeles dude and i don´t know what happened but i was on the other side of the street and i heard guys yelling. i looked over and a perro(dog) was biting a guy's leg and when he fell he got his arm and then his face...if i was nervous around perros before...i don´t know what i am now. Somehow my companion didn´t see any of it! Just all the blood after. Yep i think i might wear chain-mail pants from now on. Love you sooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick