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Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 6, 2013 Milwaukee

(Note that I added a few pictures under the picture tab 5-12-13)

5-6-13 email to dad

So today we are gonna go to this place called the Domes, it looks like three huge alien pods but I will take tons of pictures and then send my card home :) 

I didn't know Elder Reynolds from our stake was here! I will hunt him down. Transfers are on the 15th so maybe i will see him. Also Hermana Lauren Case is from Austin Texas. She only has three months left and she is the bomb! In the pictures i am sending home she is the one with shorter hair. Hermana Erica Wilcox is from Bluffdale Utah and has been out for about 3 months, but she has actually only been set apart two weeks longer than me! crazy right?! Also You are such a beast! way to run! (Dad's been trying to run regularly and stay in shape) I got sick again this week with a cold so we didn't run for three days but I have been trying to just eat better. Oh so i have been dying to throw a softball around, hopefully we can get a hold of some mitts, but my companions were teasing me and telling me to bridle my pasions and she was right, the spirit can't get through if i am distracted. Well I am glad my spanish isnt totally dead yet. i know it will come back in a hurry if i get to argentina but it is gonna make my first chunck of time there pretty tough, so i think you are online so i will send this but i am so glad everything is going so well there :)

Hermana Quick

 Reinna 5-6-13
Oh the joy of soccer rules! Yeah that rule is a weird one :) I am so glad the soccer team did good though. Is Connelly a mid yet? or still rocking the defender position? I sent you a letter detailing my last pday, did you get it? I am gonna send this so you know i am online. Love you!

Hermana Quick

Reinna 5-6-13
I hope i can call from argentina on Mother's Day! like I had one day this week where i got pretty stressed and upset but i was also sick and i was wondering if i would ever leave, but it is important to trust the lord because i know he knows what is best for me. So i don't know if i told you this but Milwaukee has a garbage problem like it isn't as bad as the DR but there are wrappers in almost everybody's yard and that could just be where i am at, but it is weird...Yeah i have been working on not judging by appearacnes becuase some places are just sketchy looking!

Dads 5-6-13
Well, keep an open mind. Dirty people are people too:) I have to run my dear. I put your Spanish letter and questions in the mail this morning, so you should have it this week. Should be a good mail week:)

I love you Reinna. Have an awesome day and week. We'll talk Sunday. Any particular time? Skype? Phone call?

Reinna 5-6-13
I think it will be skype and church gets done at 5:30 so after then...i don't know the time difference though. I love you dad! I hope you have a great day! tell the family i love them so much adn I pray about you all all the time! also i am so excited to skype! thanks for chatting dad, LOVE U!!!!!!

Hermana Quick

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