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Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Oh connelly i get chills every time i hear about his pro footballness. Consejo is when all the leaders like district and zone and sister training leaders meet up and we learn from president heyman and then we take it back to our zones and share it with them. Oh zone conference was awesome!!! I learned a ton! I didn´t have to speak it was just the heymans and the asistants. I also did divisions for the first time and it started off with one of the hnas breaking her key in the door and we could not enter to get her things until midnight and then i was a horrible example and me and hna stone stayed up talking until 4 in the morning. Hna stone came to argentina with me adnd is my best friend here on the mish, and suprisingly after our very short nap we got up and got going and worked a ton and i helped her organize her area a bit and helped her improve some things, but really she has the same time as me and she knows the routine of things. I will be doing divisions this week with an hermana that has way more time than me on the mission and she is from chile so i am a little nervous because it is also going to be in my area, but its all good she is super cool! Well i took some fotos today of the hat so i will send it your way and it isn´t too bad but is the worst thing ever! it makes your head super sweaty and gross! But it's okay. So my companion is alright i tell her every time she does something weird now and she laughs because she doesn´t realize how weird it is until i make fun of her, she is kinda blond like that but we have great unity like we teach amazingly well together. But she does weird things outside of lessons. Yeah there are a lot of hnas that are freaky clean like your old comp but mine have never been like that, thank goodness. So everyone this week wanted to talk to me about the states and i heard the government there shut down for two weeks...that's weird but i guess i expect details later. hey was elder romney in one of the missions that got hit in the Philippines? i think it was Jeffery who was there but i don´t remember. so we also had the baptism of three chicas, i am so glad they are baptized now. i had a super creepy man molest my arm and when i told him to knock it off, my companion thought he was gonna deck me, but no worries he was a super small drunk old man. yea we talk to his wife and she had plans to come to church and eventually be baptized and she died the next day...we had a really weird week. we also saw a drunk guy crash into a telephone was horrible. oh yeah that all happened in one day, i think i met every crazy drunk person in Formosa. But anyway life is great, my companion and i are great, we wanna kill each other from time to time but we have the best inverntories and we both are pumped after wards. yeah its a weird companionship but we have the spirit and we teach well together but she thinks i am a freak because i don´t like to dance and i have never watch any of the barbie movies...yep we are different. The spanish is coming i had a rough week but my companion has no problem correcting me and i am learning a ton, i got your letter with the subjunctive stuff last week and my compnaion has been practicing with me. she is determined to help me figure it out and i am super gratefull. well i am gonna try to send some fotos but i love you soooo much!!!! Send my love to everyone and tell Daniel congrats! hey what is Bruce's new job that they get to travel? thats sweet! Hey i hope you have a great week!!!!! Love you!!!! Tell mom to rest up and take it easy :) Tell connelly to keep up being awesome! Love you

Hermana Quick

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Yay for Oroville football! How awesome is that?! And I am super glad to hear that Charlie is still on a mission high. I think of their family all the time. 

Well, I am sorry that this email is a little late. Today was kinda awful. I have not thrown up like i did this morning in years. I actually don´t remember the last time I felt so gross. I think i threw up nine times, and yep, in the end there was simply way too much grossness leaving my body. Yikes! What a great way to start pday, no?! I am better now...well I am still watching for bathrooms because I am still pretty out of it, and I couldn´t email you tomorrow either because I have a multi-zone conference in the morning and then divisions in the night. Oh, so
we had transfers this week and me and my companion are still together, but I was called as a sister training leader! Yep I knew the president was thinking about calling me in Resistencia, but when I came here, I didn´t think I would be called, but I was! I am a little nervous because now I am a leader and I need to be an example, but I know how to work and what needs to be done. It is just strange because now I am going to have to present things in zone meetings and go to consejo. It should be really fun! 

So this week was strange. We are going to be changing apartments, and we now have Elders in our area, We are waiting for things to be bought, and we had to look for lunches and stuff for the Elders. Also, we had stake conference this weekend and president Heyman and his wife spoke as well as president Boyden and his wife. He is the temple president in Asuncion, Paraguay. Hermana Boyden had the exact same accent as grandma Quick, and they also have six sons... what a coincidence!

Soooo my new companion...We work really well together but we definitely two different people. We both love the work and in lessons we do great. Our zone leaders are also both from Peru and one was my leader before. They are super cool. My comp does have some unique ways about her like the way she tells stories and has some different manerisms, but all is good. We get along great. We are working like crazy and having a great time. I am learning tons from her!

Let's see...we should have three baptisms this week, so that is suuuper exciting! oh yeah, it is super hot! It isn´t too bad yet, but we have to wear hats. I hate wearing my sun hat. It is a pain and it makes my head itch because I am sweating, but we have to wear them as it is a rule. My hair is also way blonder now and my skin is much darker but not too dark. It's freaky because there is still a lot more heat to come. Gross! Well, i love you
all so much!!!! I am doing great and my area is great and well...we have people to teach, but we need a ton more. You are always in my prayers! Love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Quick

Hey, when is Thanksgiving?

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 Rama Parque - Formosa

Way to go Connelly!!!!!! I seriously got chills reading your letter! What a stud! (Connelly had a great game of football last Friday night) 

Oh so i am now in Formosa...again. I am in Rama Parque. I have never had so many members on my member directory and this is a tiny area too sooo there is a lot of work to do to get people active again. We had 25 people at church including us so i really hope we can improve. No, i know we will, and when i called president today to leave our area he said that he thinks we will see tons of success in our area. 

Oh so I have a new companion Hermana Otiniano from Peru!!!! Yep it happened i got a Latina and yep like you said it is waaay different, but i speak enough that it is alright and like you said she has a lot of preconceptions about the states It's different, but it is weird having so much help in lessons. I am also the senior companion and i am finishing her training so that should be fun. It is weird because she knows the language but she doesn´t always do the lessons right because she doesn't know the lessons as well enough. she is also a little less direct but it is all good. those are easy things to change. She is cool though. she is very concerned that i don´t wear makeup though and that i don't wear ear rings and that i don´t cook. well i avoid it here. if you cook it usually involves frying and that grosses me out. yep she is in wife training mode and that to me is strange because i just wanna be the best missionary possible and she is super concerned about her level of cariño o algo así (kindness or something like that). whatever:) we recognize that we are different and we are working like crazy, Oh, they are also dividing our tiny area so we are gonna have elders also, which is great because we need way more priesthood. Oh and my first day here i also got to have another interview with president Heyman, so pretty much we are good friends now and apparently he spoke very highly of me to my companion because she told me ¨so everybody loves you like i don´t understand. everyone is saying how awesome you are.¨  It made me feel good to know i come highly recommended :) I still have so much to learn also but all is good. 

The dogs here are still ugly and yep i am gonna send some pictures to you now but i love you soooo much!!!! I miss you all a ton but i know i have a lot more to learn. Tell charlie hi for me!!! I was praying for him this week that the transition would be nice and smooth. But hey have i mentioned how much i love you...i love you a lot! Good luck this week and tell Connelly to keep up the good work:)

Hermana Quick

okay my computer didn´t work...fotos next week...sorry!