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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 20, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

I am so sorry that i forgot to mention that i had consejo yesterday! I spent the whole day in Resistencia. Our bus left at 5:30AM and we got back at 10:30PM! Yep we are dead today. 

It is interesting, because i can see every thing that i have accomplished in my mission. When i got here the thought of speaking in front of a group of missionaries terrified me more than anything else. i shared a quick message in consejo in front of all the leaders and pte Heyman, and i was alright. I woke up this morning and i also spoke in our zone conference. I am shocked at how i have grown and how much i trust the Lord now. I have accepted the fact that i won´t ever be fluent in Spanish, but God didn´t call me to be a spanish speaker, he called me to preach the gospel and to share his teachings and love with everyone...Yep i may not the best missionary on the planet, but i know i have the Holy Ghost as my constant companion and i know the Lord will use me as an instrument in his hands. I don´t know when i decided that comparing myself was just satan making me feel bad, but really i am very tranquila. I am so excited to talk with you in spanish when i get back. i know that when i am finally out of this spanish speaking situation i will begin to understand even more. 

Well this week was hard. We have been doing divisions twice a week because next week is transfers and whoa hermanas are straight up crazy at times! I am emotionally exhausted from the drama sometimes. i thankfully get along really well with my companion. we are both super chill and just wanna work. we understand each other and we haven´t had one seriously it has been soo easy that i am really scared of transfers. 

i got all sick this week again...i talked to hna Heyman because i feel like i am always getting sick and it is so much worse in the heat! The heat isn´t the problem. it is the humidity and the sol! (That is SUN for all non-Spanish speakers) The sol is so much more intense here! It burns like no other and when we are walking i can feel it just frying me. not fun. hopefully i stay in my area though because i don´t have to walk so much :) 

Hey i wanna go to the spanish ward with you when i get back! Also we go to the temple in buenos aires before we come home, but do they have other spanish sessions in the states? (Silly Reinna...of course we have Spanish sessions at the temple) Sounds like your reunion is gonna be awesome this summer! I am excited to see the fotos in person :) I am super glad Connelly is doing good. i am gonna read his email in a second. Oh Linsey Austiana Zarate was born last week! I seriously love that family and it is so cool that they are using austi´s name. Oh every Tuesday we have lunch with my pervious branch president. He is so intelligent, instead of sharing spiritual thoughts we definitely drill him and his wife with intense deep doctrinal questions. Yep i am so excited to study the scriptures better after the mission! It is gonna be amazing!  

Well i have to go to work, but my companion and i are like zombies so that is gonna be interesting, we also have divisions again so that will be exhausting. and let's see... we have a couple people that we are gonna visit today and they really have potential, one might be baptized Saturday...we shall see. Gotta run. Send my love to everyone!

Hermana Quick

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Reinna was asked about when she comes home in August...The end transfers will be August 26th, so i assume that i will be home shortly after that, but i will also have a new mission president so i don´t know when he will send us. normally the missionaries go to buenos aires the Thursday of transfer week and go to the temple and then fly home that night sooo no idea what's gonna happen. 

So this week i had divisions twice and i was soo tired! And we will have divisions twice a week until the end of the month and then we have transfers. i really hope i stick with my companion because i love her so much! She is so funny and we work really well together. We had two baptisms, Isabel and Sebastian! It was amazing and it was also crazy stressful. there was an error in our communication and when we showed up the font wasn't filled so it was a late baptism but they were both totally fine with it, and we had an investigator bring an amazing cake! Whoa it was fantastic. Also it has been really hot and then super rainy. Sometimes it is so humid it is hard to breath, but it really isn´t too bad. So my area where i am at now is super tiny, it is the smallest area in all of Formosa but we have been blessed with a lot of miracles from the lord and shockingly i am not tired of my area yet. I just wanna let you all know how much i love my calling! I know that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true and it has the fulness of the gospel. i hear everyday how every church is good because they talk about god, but the lds church has everything. i know that president Monson is a profeta and that he guides us all and if we follow his counsel we will be happier. i know that jose smith was a profet and that he restored the same exact church that jesus christ established in his day. The book of mormon is the word of god. Every day i read it and i know with even more assurity that it is the word of god and it contains everything we need to one day return to live with our heavenly father in a state of interminable felicidad como dice versiculo 41 de segundo capitulo de Mosiah. thank you for always supporting me and being there.  I know i wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t for the amazing examples in my life. Mom dad you are the best and i am so happy and blessed to know i will live with you and my siblings forever. I miss you all like crazy and i just bought some recuerdos for you today, but i am so excited to share all my adventures with you in august. Not that i am counting, but yea.  Love you! oh the pregnant lady is naming her child linsey austiana cool is that! i love that family!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Hey i am writing late because we had last minute interviews come up with president Heyman, so i actually haven´t had a pday yet, but i did get the opportunity to ask him a few questions about things and also about my return date. You should postpone the reunion because i will be coming home at the end of august. (Sorry's happening without you this year).  I will get a complete 18 months:) Also president showed me his blog and it has two pictures of me, which was cool. I think his wife must read my blog at times because she had one of the pictures that i sent you :) 

I hope Connelly waits to go to his mission before he goes, but if he doesn´t, i understand :) Let's see this week was good, two days ago our air conditioning broke so yep i haven´t slept much, i have just melted like a popsicle. It rained this week! Yep rain is always amazing and then when it goes away it is the worst thing ever! the humidity kills! But this week hasn´t been so bad, heat wise. 

Oh i found out this morning that the old man i baptized, he had 81 years. (Poor Reinna forgot that we don't say he had 81 years in English, but luckily we can figure out what she meant! At least we know she's immersed in the language!) My old leaders called to tell me that he passed away yesterday. Yep we baptized him just in time. I actually don´t feel too sad because I know he will accept the rest of his work. 

I built a book shelf my last pday. that was pretty fun. I found a eel thing, but some members said that it is actually a water serpent and it is venomous. it didn´t move so much and i definitely poked it a bunch so that was dumb. It was funny because we were walking and i jokingly said watch out for the snake, but i thought it was a cable, yep it was a water snake. Also i kill one cockroach every day in my apartment, i took pictures because i killed one that was on the end of a broom stick and i hit is so hard and so fast that it just dropped dead. Yep the pole didn´t even move. i am like a ninja cockroach killer! 

We saw a lot of success this week with our investigators and we have a baptism or two planned for every weekend. Hopefully it all works out! Pray for me! We have a mom and her son this weekend and the mom has her doubts but she is still in the testimony building process. She really likes the iglesia and she thinks that the book of Mormon is true. We just have to help her realize what that means. They are super awesome though! My companion and i are getting along great! She is super funny and we have found a way to enjoy every moment, even when everything falls through. I am doing great. i really like my area and it is super small but that makes it easier to round everybody up for church! In five minutes we can pass by everybody's house. 

I took some pictures so i will send them your way right now, ojalá it works! 

Hey tell everyone that i love them tons!!!! Tell Austianna that a member here is using her name for her baby...okay i don´t know if that makes sense the baby´s middle name is going to be austianna! I suggested marsallai also but it didn´t go as well with the first name :) Hey i love you all sooooo much! I am doing great and i am not trunky but i am excited to see you all again come August:)! Love you!

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