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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 13, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Reinna was asked about when she comes home in August...The end transfers will be August 26th, so i assume that i will be home shortly after that, but i will also have a new mission president so i don´t know when he will send us. normally the missionaries go to buenos aires the Thursday of transfer week and go to the temple and then fly home that night sooo no idea what's gonna happen. 

So this week i had divisions twice and i was soo tired! And we will have divisions twice a week until the end of the month and then we have transfers. i really hope i stick with my companion because i love her so much! She is so funny and we work really well together. We had two baptisms, Isabel and Sebastian! It was amazing and it was also crazy stressful. there was an error in our communication and when we showed up the font wasn't filled so it was a late baptism but they were both totally fine with it, and we had an investigator bring an amazing cake! Whoa it was fantastic. Also it has been really hot and then super rainy. Sometimes it is so humid it is hard to breath, but it really isn´t too bad. So my area where i am at now is super tiny, it is the smallest area in all of Formosa but we have been blessed with a lot of miracles from the lord and shockingly i am not tired of my area yet. I just wanna let you all know how much i love my calling! I know that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true and it has the fulness of the gospel. i hear everyday how every church is good because they talk about god, but the lds church has everything. i know that president Monson is a profeta and that he guides us all and if we follow his counsel we will be happier. i know that jose smith was a profet and that he restored the same exact church that jesus christ established in his day. The book of mormon is the word of god. Every day i read it and i know with even more assurity that it is the word of god and it contains everything we need to one day return to live with our heavenly father in a state of interminable felicidad como dice versiculo 41 de segundo capitulo de Mosiah. thank you for always supporting me and being there.  I know i wouldn´t be here if it wasn´t for the amazing examples in my life. Mom dad you are the best and i am so happy and blessed to know i will live with you and my siblings forever. I miss you all like crazy and i just bought some recuerdos for you today, but i am so excited to share all my adventures with you in august. Not that i am counting, but yea.  Love you! oh the pregnant lady is naming her child linsey austiana cool is that! i love that family!

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