Countdown to see Reinna


She's pretty excited to be eating some armadillo this week:)

P-Day Fort apparently! 

Hermana Skirvin, President Franco, and Hermana Quick

Rodolfo Ciro Franco, 54, and Cristina Beatriz Franco, three children, Oquirrh Lake Ward, South Jordan Utah Oquirrh Lake Stake: Argentina Resistencia Mission. Brother Franco serves as an Area Seventy and is a former stake president, high councilor, bishop, counselor in a bishopric and temple ordinance worker. BLM (manager), Republic Mortgage. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Rodolfo Jorge Franco and Ana Maria Tomonko.
Sister Franco serves as a ward Relief Society instructor and is a former Primary general board member, counselor in a ward Relief Society presidency, ward Relief Society instructor, ward Young Women adviser and gospel doctrine teacher. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Hugo Rubén Fragaand María Angélica Godoy.

 Reinna finally received her package in May after it was sent in February...better late than never!!!

A little visit to the cemetery...all graves are above ground here. 

Watersnake in the street after some rain! Yikes!

Building a shelf on P-Day 

Whoa! That is a LONG worm!

Oh the joys of cockroaches 

December 23, 2013 Mission Activity- Resistencia, Argentina

Hna Skirvin eating pizza 

Corrientes, Argentina 

random pregnant horse 

Chaco soccer stadium entrance

yo no tenia circulacion en mis pies...hizo mucho frio
(I didn't have any circulation in my was freezing.) 

mis nuevas compañ new companions(not sure who the one on the left is though)
Hermana Skirvin and Hermana Hext are on Reinna's left, with Hermana Adorno on Reinna's Right

oh esta es hna Young, algún día vamos a ser compañeras...ojalá
(oh, this is Hermana Young. Someday we're going to be companions...we hope)

mi apartamento ahora con dos hermanas
(my apartment now with two companions) 

 mi apartamento ahora con dos hermanas
(my apartment now with two companions)
Yo y hna Seeley en Corrientes

Baptism of Angel and Leo and they were confirmed on Austi's birthday!!!! 

 Hermana Skirvin and I at the "Hermanas Conferencia

 Hna Adorno(abuela) Hna Baker(madre), yo, and Hna Skirvin(hija) 

So there are turtles in the ditches, but Hna Baker tells me that there were eels in Formosa, but I never saw them! I am keeping my eye out for them though!  

 Hna Patterson and Hna Tolmen and I in Corrientes getting our ID's

Hna Baker and I rocking it in the mud in San Juan 1

A beautiful view from my pension in formosa

 A busdriver's seatbelt which was held together with a rubber band

Hna Baker and I at a mini ccm  

Goat? Sheep? Gotta love the head being ready to cook! 

Hermana Johansen and Reinna

 Reinna in Formosa with ???

Reinna and Hermana Baker...guessing it's transfer day as Reinna leaves 

Obviously somebody was baptized, but who??? 

Hard to say if this is a goat, dog or some other animal.  

Definitely an Alligator skin hanging up to dry in Formosa

Training Conference August 2013 (Pic borrowed from Hma Johansen's blog)

Reinna at The Domes in Milwaukee
Messing around in Milwaukee 

Reinna found a cool cemetery to visit for fun:)  Sister Case is making quite the pose!

Sister Wilcox and Reinna

Reinna and Sister Case at the Milwaukee Art Museum

The Domes

Reinna and her two companions: Hermana Crawley and Hermana Dean...I think! The pictures don't come labeled so I have to guess!

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