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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

So can i see a picture of Connelly's prom?! Well I looked for shoes today, but I found one pair that seemed pretty good, but it was 450 pesos...yea shoes here are super expensive!!!!(I told her to just buy them already!!!) But i think my shoes are gonna give me back problems okay that's already happening. My back has been hurting this week...but i am looking. So i have a new companion from Nicaragua, Hna Mayories Guevara. Hna Sihuay was sent to Circunvalación, exactly where i started my mission, so that was funny. Hna Valerio and Hna skirvin got transferred together to the neighboring zone so i got to see them both in the terminal!!!! I was sooo happy to see them. Also Hna Young who is one of my better friends here in the mission is also in my zone so now i am a little more excited for district meetings. My companion seems good, but these last couple days have been really stressful for me. I have to direct the area and well we had 3 more baptisms, so that was awesome! I am stressed because we are seeing many baptisms in our area but i don´t want that to change. It looks bad if you have a ton of success and then nothing, but that just means we have to work extra hard and that's the part that is stressing me out. I probably just need to relax a bit and keep doing what I'm doing:). My companion has a strong personality and i am her first gringa so she corrects me way more. Besides i normally correct myself when i say something wrong and she is all over that. We'll get used to each other quickly though! This week I read a couple of the emails that you and mom sent me so that i could dig deep down and keep going strong. I have been praying a lot so i know the lord will help me adjust to my new companion. Every one is different of course:) But other than that all is well. I love you so much dad and i hope you are doing great!!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Well transfers are tomorrow so every missionary here is good and anxious...yikes! i hope my companion stays because we are doing really well together and with all the people it has really helped me stay super focused because people ask me when I'm going home and I say 4 months...that's not much time so I am trying to make the very best of it. This week was pretty good, we had 2 more baptisms and everyone was in vacations. Yep, apparently for semana santa (Holy Week) you aren´t supposed to eat red meat. Many people almost had heart attacks when they asked me if i eat meat. (I had never heard of this Easter tradition. Must be because I'm not catholic.) 

I spoke in church this Sunday too! It was really good, we have increased asistencia (attendance) mucho so our branch president is liking it. We get along well. 

Yea, I can't think of another exciting thing to tell you so i am gonna send this your way and then get some pictures to you :) I love you soooo much dad!!!! I miss you like crazy but I know I will see you soon enough. Oh, I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish finally! Now I started again :) love you!

Hermana Quick

Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

First your hat from alcatraz is pretty sweet!!! (I sent her a pic of me boarding at 49 Degrees North on Saturday) I felt like I was with you in the snow the other day as Monday and Tuesday it was super hot, but then a big ole storm came and whoa, we are all in coats with our heaters turned on now. I think this week it will get really hot again though. Where is Connelly playing this year on his team? Is he running track too? Did you visit the farm house with the huge hay shoot in Rexburg?  I went there quite a few times and it is owned by a familia Lovell. Grandma Quick I believe has a picture of it. 

Whoa, the thought of running sounds intense. I gained a kilo of ice cream this week from my leaders. We made a deal that if our 4 baptisms happened we would get a kilo from them and if they didn´t happen or one fell through we would buy a medio kilo for them. Yep we got the kilo!!!! Some dulce de leche con brownie, cereza, chocolate blanco, and tiramisu really makes your day all better. Also our baptisms happened!!!!! I don´t think i have ever prayed so much in my life! We had sooo many obstáculos and one of our baptisms had a ton of doubts because of her boyfriend, but we got the situation all figured out and he is gonna be baptized next month too:) He went to her baptism and then to church on Sunday and now he is pumped, but whoa, he bajó la caña a nuestra investigadora (got after our investigator!). It was tough and of course it rained suuuper hard and we gave a lesson by candle light because the power got cut. All in all it was an awesomely stressful week, but our branch now is looking more animated, because we had 4 baptisms and the elders had 4 more and well it took a half hour to get them all confirmed. It was great. My companion almost fell in the mud during the storm so that was funny. We had interviews with president and that was cool. While we were waiting for our interview we had to do practices in front of everyone again, but it was alright. Yep and this week we have two more baptisms so it's pretty exciting. Hey, you never told me the favorite scripture stories of everyone! I need to know! I sent you all a letter today...okay it had a couple letters and it was 48 pesos! mail is expensive here. 

My companion is cool, and I need her to stay because her knowledge of the area is much better than mine. Transfers are next week and i hope we stay together because together we have been doing good work! We are looking at baptisms every weekend so far. Hopefully we both stay. Tell Austi hello and that i love her! Scripture stories!!!! Tell them I want to know what everyone's favorites are...I need this info:)

I love you sooo very much and I pray for you always. I am doing really good, but please keep me in your prayers, and make sure Connelly reads a little bit from the scriptures every day too! Have I mentioned that I love you, because I really do! Tell the family how much I love them tooo!!!!!! I am so grateful that we are gonna be an eternal family and that thought really motivates me :) Have a fantastic week!!!

I love you soooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April 7, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Whoa sounds like a really busy week! Conference here was also super busy :) We had two investigators and one recent convert stay at all 4 sessions!!!! Yep they are getting baptized. I was wondering if any women were actually gonna go to the priesthood session, que tontaría. Yea i wish we could have seen a little coldness during conference, i got sun burned when we left to go look for investigators, it was suuuper hot and humid and we would hustle to the conference, take notes chat in the English room and then run out to go find more people. and we would be back in an hour and a half. We took a ton of buses and remises (like a Taxi), but it was all part of the fun. I am so pumped to see this headstone some day!!! Way to be dad!!!! 

So the conference talks were fantastic! I thought about watching conference in Spanish but i am so glad i didn´t because the Spanish translator for holland was boring! They missed all the emotion and it is so awesome to just hear their voices. i have been studying the notes i took in conference and whoa is it important to trust the lord. I also loved elder Stevenson's talk. this is our 4 minutes. I wrote you all a letter about conference, but it turns out it is feriado for the post office today! something is always closed here. the schools here have had sooo many days off because all the teachers have been protesting. hey when is Easter? All in all this week was pretty tranquila we were just prepping for conference and all. oh my apartment has a new shower and air now so that is absolutely fantastic!!!!! I was dying of heat. But i am happy to hear that my Spanish is getting better, i wrote you quite a few letters in Spanish, next week i will send them your way. Oh i got a card from Dolly! tell her thanks and that i love her alright. 

the weather is super hot! in this area people don´t yell, in my other area people would yell hermosa at me...haha it was super funny, but i haven´t received mashed potatoes to my face or anything...yet...dadadaaa yep there were tons of crocidiles and lions at the zoo! i literally was inches from one, i almost go to touch its nose, but it got spooked and slid into the water.

oh well i need to get going, but you can still respond to my questions and i will read them next week. Austi sent me some pics and i just wanna let you all know that you are all beautiful! I love you so much and thank you for all your prayers and support! Connelly i am so excited for you to go on the mission, it will change you and you will find a happiness that i don´t even know how to describe, but the gospel changes you. It makes you better, it brings you peace no matter what situation might present itself. I am so glad that i will see you all soon! Drive safe!!!

Hermana Quick

love you all soooo much!!!

Hermana Quick