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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

So can i see a picture of Connelly's prom?! Well I looked for shoes today, but I found one pair that seemed pretty good, but it was 450 pesos...yea shoes here are super expensive!!!!(I told her to just buy them already!!!) But i think my shoes are gonna give me back problems okay that's already happening. My back has been hurting this week...but i am looking. So i have a new companion from Nicaragua, Hna Mayories Guevara. Hna Sihuay was sent to Circunvalación, exactly where i started my mission, so that was funny. Hna Valerio and Hna skirvin got transferred together to the neighboring zone so i got to see them both in the terminal!!!! I was sooo happy to see them. Also Hna Young who is one of my better friends here in the mission is also in my zone so now i am a little more excited for district meetings. My companion seems good, but these last couple days have been really stressful for me. I have to direct the area and well we had 3 more baptisms, so that was awesome! I am stressed because we are seeing many baptisms in our area but i don´t want that to change. It looks bad if you have a ton of success and then nothing, but that just means we have to work extra hard and that's the part that is stressing me out. I probably just need to relax a bit and keep doing what I'm doing:). My companion has a strong personality and i am her first gringa so she corrects me way more. Besides i normally correct myself when i say something wrong and she is all over that. We'll get used to each other quickly though! This week I read a couple of the emails that you and mom sent me so that i could dig deep down and keep going strong. I have been praying a lot so i know the lord will help me adjust to my new companion. Every one is different of course:) But other than that all is well. I love you so much dad and i hope you are doing great!!!!!!

Hermana Quick

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