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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Yay! Utah! haha good luck getting on the road :) Yep we have a lot of contact with everybody because we si o si have to talk with our leaders every night to verifiy that we are in the pension and that every thing is all right and sometimes they ask for numbers. telegraph, that is so cool! My companion is good, the divisons were nice because i was with a gringa but i let her know that she was in charge and i am a missionary just like her and i have a lot to learn ;) she is super cool though. Our practice with president Heyman was really good. Everyone taught a commandment but i picked the plan of salvacion out! i have a hard  time giving that lesson in 30 but this was a practice for ten. Pres said that we are great teachers but that i talked suuuuper fast. But i did the whole plan of salvacion in 10 minutes and i verified her commitments. It was really good. I was super nervous and i thought my companion was gonna pass out, but we made it through :) i haven´t gotten a package, but we have interviews in a few days and really it has been raining a ton so i haven´t really used my shoes that much. this week was stressful though because we also moved to a new apartment, it is smaller but it is nicer. The only problem is that the shower is plastered to the wall so that is gonna be fixed this week and our air is gonna get put in annnddd the first night we ended up killing like 30 cockroaches! I wanted to kill my companion because she would stand there like a freaking statue and point and scream and i would hve to kill them. She knew i was ticked. But we have some poision in our apartment now and now it is bicho free! yay! I also got the worst migrane i have had in my mission the day after because i didn´t sleep much after killing all those cockroaches but it was Saturday and Saturday is crucial if people are gonna come to church. I sucked it up and went to work, but by the end of the day i could have and almost threw up because of the pain every foot step was like a sledge hammer to my head. It was horrible but it went away by Sunday in the afternoon and we had 7 people at church so it was worth it. Oh i also have gastritis. I am on a acid, grease, fat diet thing. only for two weeks though and i am already feeling waay better. Oh today me and my companion went to the zoo!!!!! It was super cool. and hilarious because in almost every cage there were animals like from different countries and then there were random chickens and yea it was funny. Well l i am gonna try sending you some pics but my camera is about to die. Okay so i wanna know your and the families' favorite stories from the book of mormon and the bible. For example mom, abinidai and jesus helping pedro walk on water. That would be really awesome, hey did you verify the information from my trunki papers? is it all good? I love you tons :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 25, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(The pic is the beginning of Reinna's Trunky's the mission office giving her the date of departure, August 26th, and their confirming of travel least confirming which airport she is to arrive home at in August!)

Hey!!!!! So i didn´t die or anything, but i got a really sad phone call last night when i was writing in my journal that said our pday was cancelled!!!! I thought it was a joke but it was some sort of a holiday yesterday and we had to today is pday and tomorrow i have divisions with the hermana lider capacitadoras. Should be fun. We also have a meeting with president...Another hermana and i will be doing practices in front of everyone at a meeting...yep i am nervous but we do get lunch :) First, whoa dad! your schedule is crazy! But it sounds like a ton of fun. Yea i wish i could go running with you as my companion hates running so i just try to do a ton of ab work outs, but that doesn´t do a whole lot, i am scared i am gonna start getting fat, not sure why because i have lost weight here, but most people get accustomed to the food and gain weight after a year...

Yea that dog then next day got out of his gate for the first time ever and i had to go to the bathroom, i thought it was weird that the gate was open but i walked in because i really needed to use the bathroom. I walked in about ten feet and the dog was on the other side of a moto and he saw me...yep i have teeth marks on my umbrella now. Thank goodness i had it with me as it was sprinkling all morning...Yea my companion was screaming as it was trying to get me, but she thought enough to close the gate when i ran backwards out. then i hooked the gate with my umbrella and he chowed down on my umbrella handle...I straight up thought i was dead. The neighbor called someone to take care of the dog, but our other neighbors were locked into their apartment because he was so vicious. And thank goodness our neighbors are rich and have a really nice bathroom :) It was a tough week of dog attacks and i just might bring treats because i am pretty jumpy now, everyday we have been almost eaten, i think it must have been a full moon or something, yesterday was alright though. I hate one of our barrios though, the yards aren´t closed and every house has at least 3 dogs, there are constant dog fights happening. My companion is finally getting it that i do not want to work in that barrio, i don´t care if it is close to the church. 

On Sunday we also had 12 investigators at church!!!! It was fantastic! There is a ton of work here and i love it. the small town feel is so great. Also there are a ton of gringos's like i fit right in. So my companion is good, but i really have to go to Peru one day because peruanas are so excited when they talk about their country, it is always the best in everything. There is something about peru. Oh hey i read that Divergent book, but i didn´t know it was gonna be a movie, very cool. Love you!!!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Oh dad i love your awesome letters! Sounds like a busy week to me but in comparison to the other ones you have written about maybe it was pretty tranquilo. Yea it really isn´t that cooler yet...the wind is nice but the sun is a stupidly hot ball of flames! I am still getting sun burned and it has been raining more so it's like you are boiling. But hey i have survived a lot so this is nothing. :) Transfers happened and me and my companion were both taken out of our area.  My companion is now in corrientes and Hna Skirvin is her compaion!!! I am also no longer a Sister leader but i am in Saenz Peña, Chaco as m1. My companion is exactly what i needed. She only has 3 transfers in the mission and we are in a campo. It is like being in the boonies and i love it!!! We walk waaaaay more. We live a half hour from our area so yep i am really hoping i get my shoes this week. My companion´s name is Miluska Sihuay she is from Lima Peru. I am not gonna lie it is tough going from my last companion to her. Hna Valerio was fighting back major tears as we said good bye and well i was too. I had a ton of fun with her! My companion now hates sports and is nothing like me but so far we have been gettting along really well and she has a love for the work. I am not so trunki anymore either because i decided i wasn´t going to mention it with her ever. I set a bunch of goals so i could really start growing. We should also be moving this week into a new apartment so i am excited for that. I spoke in our tiny branch on Sunday and we also had a baptism. Okay i didn´t do anything and i am gonna send a picture to the other hna. This area is really great though, the hermanas had two big families that can be baptized and now. All in all i am doing really good. I will send some pics your way and well i am gonna buy a new memory card por las dudas but i dont´think i will get robbed here. It is waaaay more tranquilo. The campos are always so much better! Hey i love you all soooooo much!!!!!! You are always in my prayers and i hope you have a fantastic trip to Utah. And yeah for awesome headstones! I hope you have a fantastic week. Love you!

Hermana Quick

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, Formosa, Argentina

Woo I want Connelly to get out there on the mission but i am glad he is gonna wait a tiny bit for me before going. Transfers happen this week! I am freaking out, i want a change but i have been here for a while so changes are always scary. My companion has a month less than me and well so far we are still together but we shall see. I really hate transfer day. We have to work all day and then at 9:00PM we get a phone call to see if we are leaving or not. yep i am nervous. 

i wrote you a couple letters in spanish but the correo (post office) was closed when we got to it, so i am gonna see if i can swing by at some point and try again. I haven´t gotten the package yet with the new shoes, but i am definitely due for some new shoes. Mine have a lot of holes. 

Well this week was a tough one, so i need to make a plan on how to improve this week. Good news though: this week we had a baptism! It was a familia parcial and she is awesome. After the baptism is when the fun really started. We went to a family and the grandpa thinks that he was translated...yep maybe he was i won´t argue, but his grandson isn´t baptized. My companion didn´t even try talking to him(the grandson that is), but it was super funny because in the end he called me a bunch of vulgar names and threw something at my arm as i was leaving. It was also the first time anyone has ever yelled shut up at me during a prayer...he's only like 9 years old! But i killed him with my patient passive aggressive voice. He also threw his folleto(pamphlet) at me but i pick it up and brought it back to his grandparents. Yea the funny thing is i didn´t say anything as he was just straight up crazy, and he had a smile on his little face the whole was so weird. And after that a lady asked me to bless her brother. yep it was a weird night so we gave up for the night because all the crazies were out. also today i feel a little traumatized because i watched a man get attacked by 2 dogs. He was a homeles dude and i don´t know what happened but i was on the other side of the street and i heard guys yelling. i looked over and a perro(dog) was biting a guy's leg and when he fell he got his arm and then his face...if i was nervous around perros before...i don´t know what i am now. Somehow my companion didn´t see any of it! Just all the blood after. Yep i think i might wear chain-mail pants from now on. Love you sooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Yep i have gotten the letters from grandma, so please tell her thank you:) and so far i have gotten all the packages so i would keep sending them to whatever direction that you have because i really don´t know. Also i got my package from Kimber Thursday!!!! It was sooo cool! Now i just have to find a couple things to brew me up some root beer :) Well i think that spanish letter I sent is a little older, i will write you a letter today in spanish and send it your way, i have my companion correct my letters or i am trying to write more and more in spanish because  i hadn´t in a really long time, and there are always little things, but i can see improvement. The hard part is just remembering! There are so many rules and things that i need to set a goal to improve little things every day but one day i will get there and like you said i have half a year left!!! I can´t believe it! Time is flying by sooo stinking fast. Are there any tips you could give me about my spanish, like little things that i repeatedly did wrong? That's awesome that the girls team did so well!!! Do they lose many players this year? Whoa that is sooo cool!!! Time out for women is happening again already?! That happened just a little bit ago! It's really weird because now when i think about what i was doing last year...i was in the mission. How is mom doing? Wait so austi is gonna be home for a weekend or two weeks?  Well i am gonna send you some photos here in a second. I love you sooo much! I am trying not to miss you all, but hey i miss you! I am ready to finish this race strong, but whoa i can tell its gonna be tough. The weather is trying to get cold and i already miss the heat. I love you all!!!

Hermana Quick

February 24, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

I can´t tell you how grateful i am for your awesome email! You are right i feel way better, por fin! My companion and I were having some minor issues, but we talked them out and all is well. She is awesome! Did i tell you we took the wrong bus last monday and we got stuck on it for 2 hours. yep it was nice, because we can´t drive on the mission but it reminded me of going on car trips with you and i felt waaay better. It's true the mission is crazy hard and we say that life after will be way easier but i don´t know. I'm not always sure of my Spanish, but my companion keeps reassuring me that my spanish is really good. Of course i am still learning a ton every single day, but i know what i am doing. Except i have been studying the passive voice, and the ser constuction is a piece of cake, but the se construction...yep i can´t seem to use it! I try repeating my companion when she uses it, but i don´t day. Well this week was better, my companion and i have been meeting our running goals so that has been good, okay well i meet the goal and she gets all frustrated, but she has been getting better. Oh! I am also gonna send you a pic of my leg. On divisions we started out the morning with a lot of heat and sun, but it felt like it was gonna storm, and it did. But i was an hour away from my normal area and i didn´t have boots or anything. So i used one of the other hermanas boots...The mud was ssuuupperr bad and it rubbed a ton of skin of my ankles because...yep just different crappy boots. So my companoin was complaining about the pain so i knew it just wasn´t me and when we got back to the apartment she took her boots off and her legs were all red...then i took my boots off. Yep my ankles were all bloody and gross! When i saw my companion later that night she was shocked. But it just looks really bad and it is about healed now, but whoa it stung when i had to clean it! I definately screamed. So I am gonna complete a year in the mission this week so i have been trying to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish, i am in alma 43, but i have a long ways to go. I has been awesome though, today my compnaion and i read and slept. it was a great pday, oh! and i ate a milanesa napolitana. it is a milanesa with a sause (i think spagetti sause would work) and cheese on top. yep i love it! Also all the missionaries from my ward sang in ward conference, it was cool because there is ten of us! And i now am really starting to add to my list of nasty foods. I ate cows stomach this week, it didn´t taste too bad, but it had the texture of boogers and fat! It was sick! so now i have eaten aligator, liver, kidneys, squid, and cows stomach (mondongo). I am such a great missionary i eat everyhting on my plate! haha But thanks for sending me such a great letter, i needed it. I am glad you got to enjoy some good snow finally! My companion and i now play a game, the goal is to see who can walk in the shadow of your companion the longest, its pretty funny, but really the little shade feels so good! Well i hope you are all doing great!!! i miss you all like crazy but i know that i will be seeing you all suuper soon, so i am gonna live it up while i can :) Love you!

Hermana Quick