Countdown to see Reinna

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

February 24, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

I can´t tell you how grateful i am for your awesome email! You are right i feel way better, por fin! My companion and I were having some minor issues, but we talked them out and all is well. She is awesome! Did i tell you we took the wrong bus last monday and we got stuck on it for 2 hours. yep it was nice, because we can´t drive on the mission but it reminded me of going on car trips with you and i felt waaay better. It's true the mission is crazy hard and we say that life after will be way easier but i don´t know. I'm not always sure of my Spanish, but my companion keeps reassuring me that my spanish is really good. Of course i am still learning a ton every single day, but i know what i am doing. Except i have been studying the passive voice, and the ser constuction is a piece of cake, but the se construction...yep i can´t seem to use it! I try repeating my companion when she uses it, but i don´t day. Well this week was better, my companion and i have been meeting our running goals so that has been good, okay well i meet the goal and she gets all frustrated, but she has been getting better. Oh! I am also gonna send you a pic of my leg. On divisions we started out the morning with a lot of heat and sun, but it felt like it was gonna storm, and it did. But i was an hour away from my normal area and i didn´t have boots or anything. So i used one of the other hermanas boots...The mud was ssuuupperr bad and it rubbed a ton of skin of my ankles because...yep just different crappy boots. So my companoin was complaining about the pain so i knew it just wasn´t me and when we got back to the apartment she took her boots off and her legs were all red...then i took my boots off. Yep my ankles were all bloody and gross! When i saw my companion later that night she was shocked. But it just looks really bad and it is about healed now, but whoa it stung when i had to clean it! I definately screamed. So I am gonna complete a year in the mission this week so i have been trying to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish, i am in alma 43, but i have a long ways to go. I has been awesome though, today my compnaion and i read and slept. it was a great pday, oh! and i ate a milanesa napolitana. it is a milanesa with a sause (i think spagetti sause would work) and cheese on top. yep i love it! Also all the missionaries from my ward sang in ward conference, it was cool because there is ten of us! And i now am really starting to add to my list of nasty foods. I ate cows stomach this week, it didn´t taste too bad, but it had the texture of boogers and fat! It was sick! so now i have eaten aligator, liver, kidneys, squid, and cows stomach (mondongo). I am such a great missionary i eat everyhting on my plate! haha But thanks for sending me such a great letter, i needed it. I am glad you got to enjoy some good snow finally! My companion and i now play a game, the goal is to see who can walk in the shadow of your companion the longest, its pretty funny, but really the little shade feels so good! Well i hope you are all doing great!!! i miss you all like crazy but i know that i will be seeing you all suuper soon, so i am gonna live it up while i can :) Love you!

Hermana Quick

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