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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Yay! Utah! haha good luck getting on the road :) Yep we have a lot of contact with everybody because we si o si have to talk with our leaders every night to verifiy that we are in the pension and that every thing is all right and sometimes they ask for numbers. telegraph, that is so cool! My companion is good, the divisons were nice because i was with a gringa but i let her know that she was in charge and i am a missionary just like her and i have a lot to learn ;) she is super cool though. Our practice with president Heyman was really good. Everyone taught a commandment but i picked the plan of salvacion out! i have a hard  time giving that lesson in 30 but this was a practice for ten. Pres said that we are great teachers but that i talked suuuuper fast. But i did the whole plan of salvacion in 10 minutes and i verified her commitments. It was really good. I was super nervous and i thought my companion was gonna pass out, but we made it through :) i haven´t gotten a package, but we have interviews in a few days and really it has been raining a ton so i haven´t really used my shoes that much. this week was stressful though because we also moved to a new apartment, it is smaller but it is nicer. The only problem is that the shower is plastered to the wall so that is gonna be fixed this week and our air is gonna get put in annnddd the first night we ended up killing like 30 cockroaches! I wanted to kill my companion because she would stand there like a freaking statue and point and scream and i would hve to kill them. She knew i was ticked. But we have some poision in our apartment now and now it is bicho free! yay! I also got the worst migrane i have had in my mission the day after because i didn´t sleep much after killing all those cockroaches but it was Saturday and Saturday is crucial if people are gonna come to church. I sucked it up and went to work, but by the end of the day i could have and almost threw up because of the pain every foot step was like a sledge hammer to my head. It was horrible but it went away by Sunday in the afternoon and we had 7 people at church so it was worth it. Oh i also have gastritis. I am on a acid, grease, fat diet thing. only for two weeks though and i am already feeling waay better. Oh today me and my companion went to the zoo!!!!! It was super cool. and hilarious because in almost every cage there were animals like from different countries and then there were random chickens and yea it was funny. Well l i am gonna try sending you some pics but my camera is about to die. Okay so i wanna know your and the families' favorite stories from the book of mormon and the bible. For example mom, abinidai and jesus helping pedro walk on water. That would be really awesome, hey did you verify the information from my trunki papers? is it all good? I love you tons :) LOVE YOU!!!!!

Hermana Quick

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