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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Oh dad i love your awesome letters! Sounds like a busy week to me but in comparison to the other ones you have written about maybe it was pretty tranquilo. Yea it really isn´t that cooler yet...the wind is nice but the sun is a stupidly hot ball of flames! I am still getting sun burned and it has been raining more so it's like you are boiling. But hey i have survived a lot so this is nothing. :) Transfers happened and me and my companion were both taken out of our area.  My companion is now in corrientes and Hna Skirvin is her compaion!!! I am also no longer a Sister leader but i am in Saenz Peña, Chaco as m1. My companion is exactly what i needed. She only has 3 transfers in the mission and we are in a campo. It is like being in the boonies and i love it!!! We walk waaaaay more. We live a half hour from our area so yep i am really hoping i get my shoes this week. My companion´s name is Miluska Sihuay she is from Lima Peru. I am not gonna lie it is tough going from my last companion to her. Hna Valerio was fighting back major tears as we said good bye and well i was too. I had a ton of fun with her! My companion now hates sports and is nothing like me but so far we have been gettting along really well and she has a love for the work. I am not so trunki anymore either because i decided i wasn´t going to mention it with her ever. I set a bunch of goals so i could really start growing. We should also be moving this week into a new apartment so i am excited for that. I spoke in our tiny branch on Sunday and we also had a baptism. Okay i didn´t do anything and i am gonna send a picture to the other hna. This area is really great though, the hermanas had two big families that can be baptized and now. All in all i am doing really good. I will send some pics your way and well i am gonna buy a new memory card por las dudas but i dont´think i will get robbed here. It is waaaay more tranquilo. The campos are always so much better! Hey i love you all soooooo much!!!!!! You are always in my prayers and i hope you have a fantastic trip to Utah. And yeah for awesome headstones! I hope you have a fantastic week. Love you!

Hermana Quick

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