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Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, Formosa, Argentina

Woo I want Connelly to get out there on the mission but i am glad he is gonna wait a tiny bit for me before going. Transfers happen this week! I am freaking out, i want a change but i have been here for a while so changes are always scary. My companion has a month less than me and well so far we are still together but we shall see. I really hate transfer day. We have to work all day and then at 9:00PM we get a phone call to see if we are leaving or not. yep i am nervous. 

i wrote you a couple letters in spanish but the correo (post office) was closed when we got to it, so i am gonna see if i can swing by at some point and try again. I haven´t gotten the package yet with the new shoes, but i am definitely due for some new shoes. Mine have a lot of holes. 

Well this week was a tough one, so i need to make a plan on how to improve this week. Good news though: this week we had a baptism! It was a familia parcial and she is awesome. After the baptism is when the fun really started. We went to a family and the grandpa thinks that he was translated...yep maybe he was i won´t argue, but his grandson isn´t baptized. My companion didn´t even try talking to him(the grandson that is), but it was super funny because in the end he called me a bunch of vulgar names and threw something at my arm as i was leaving. It was also the first time anyone has ever yelled shut up at me during a prayer...he's only like 9 years old! But i killed him with my patient passive aggressive voice. He also threw his folleto(pamphlet) at me but i pick it up and brought it back to his grandparents. Yea the funny thing is i didn´t say anything as he was just straight up crazy, and he had a smile on his little face the whole was so weird. And after that a lady asked me to bless her brother. yep it was a weird night so we gave up for the night because all the crazies were out. also today i feel a little traumatized because i watched a man get attacked by 2 dogs. He was a homeles dude and i don´t know what happened but i was on the other side of the street and i heard guys yelling. i looked over and a perro(dog) was biting a guy's leg and when he fell he got his arm and then his face...if i was nervous around perros before...i don´t know what i am now. Somehow my companion didn´t see any of it! Just all the blood after. Yep i think i might wear chain-mail pants from now on. Love you sooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

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