Countdown to see Reinna

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 17, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Thank you so much for preparing a package for me!!! I am super excited to try out those new shoes. (Hopefully they both arrive and no postal worker takes them out) Whoa boarding sounds fun, but tough. I was looking at a picture this morning that i took last week and whoa my right leg is waay smaller than my left! I thought walking would even it out, but i am definitely not normal. Oh thanks for the happy birthday song! Hey can you send me a letter in spanish? 

i finished dyc and the new testament! i also had divisions twice this week and one of those times was on my birthday, it was fun, but my birthday was just another day. We worked and she made pancakes in the morning and we went running in the mist. it was a good day...i seriously just battled with the computer for 5 minutes!!! It just froze and about put me to tears, i am just gonna send this your way. I love you sooo much! Thanks for being the best dad in the world!

i love you tons and i hope you are enjoying the slopes!!! :) It's true the weather is a little better here now...not over 100 everyday at least. My birthday was actually perfect. Oh i gave a talk this sunday and it was alright, i feel like i am missing something is my spanish but its alright, i think if i write more i will get the hang of it, i just talk simple and i wanna spit out what i understand, but its tough. I love you all a lot! I hope you can all pray for me this week, because well i need it. I hope you all have a fantastic week and hey i expect a letter from that super old teenage kid you got there! 19! old fart. Hey i love you!
Hermana Quick

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Well this is from a couple different days but today we went to a laguna because i wanna see a crocodile and a carpincho, but no go! It turns out one was super close but my companions and i were goofing off and we missed it. Also i sent some pictures of me and my comp and mili (amazing member) 

okay i am trying to send more but it is suuuper slow!

(Dad says: So do people go swimming in the river there? It seems like a really bad idea given that there could be crocodiles or paranas.)

People do go swimming in this river!!! They have some nets to keep the bad stuff out but i wouldn´t trust them. (It seems a little crazy!)

 I don´t know if shoes need to be sent separately it is just what i have heard as nobody wants to steal just one shoe out of a package. Makes sense to me. Thanks for putting something together for me!!!! Could you sneak some candy in there ;) Love you all soo much! Thanks for your words of advice about the mission. But don´t worry i am thankful for the heat because i remember the cold here...yep its miserable and it is the worst in August so i am gonna come home nice and white :) This week wasn´t the best but it was alright. It seems that nobody wants to talk to us because it is so hot and that has been tough but we are working hard and we still see little miracles every day. I can´t think of anything interesting we did this week...just work. Oh! I finished the book of mormon today in english and whoa i must say i love it!!!! I will finish dyc(Doctrine and Convenents) this week and the next week the new testament so that is super exciting! I also decided my favorite profeta is mormon. he is such a beast! He is the ultimate ejemplo of perseverar hasta el fin! He took control of the armies of the nefitas when he had 16 years(that would be 16 years old for those of us who still speak English...the girl thinks like a Spanish speaker now) and the whole time he knew they were gonna fail but he kept the faith and well he died in the end, but he died with the knowledge that he did his part and really that's all we can do.

(I told Reinna that Jared Nelson was also complaining about the heat. I guess everybody thinks their heat is worse!!) Whoa jared doesn´t even know! I hear all the time about how it gets hot in cordoba and rosario but Formosa is miserable! I have to wear a hat or i will end my day throwing up. actually its a problem, half the missionaries from my zone got sick last week because of the heat, but so far i have only gotten headaches and my companion also. But the heat is more like molten lava that slowly eats your legs up and then you have to breath it's intense, but thank goodness it isn´t cold! my companion asked if you could jar up some of that cold and send it our way...yep you don´t have to do that, it's okay.

So connelly...i sent him a letter today but can you sing for him suuuper loud like scream a little and then tell him it was from me?

Have a great week,

Hermana Quick

Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 3, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

(It's Reinna's Birthday Friday 2/14, so please send her an email!!!)

i am learning how to be a better leader each day:) Transfers happened last week and i stayed here in formosa with my companion! I was really nervous because i love my companion so i didn´t want to change but i will be in the area for a transfer more and well it is really tiny, but we changed the limits so i didn´t go crazy and now we have a new barrio, but we haven´t seen much fruits from it yet. Something sad also happened. Our leader was changed! He was the best zone leader i have ever had and he got switched to another zone! Our zone is the best in the mission, and we're going to miss him. Today we had our zone meeting and it was different with him! My companion and i presented a practice that went well. 

But whoa i thought enero was alright like it was hot, but now it is suuuper hot! My companion and i are straight up melting! We changed our area a bit and now we have to walk waaay more and it is awful! Also my shoes are giving up the ghost bad! I have got holes so i put my insoles in them. but now i have blisters...yep wearing the same pair of shoes every day for 11 months has taken its toll on my poor shoes. (Shoes being sent this week)

Thanks dad!!!(I sent her some weather info regarding the UA index as her weather is off the charts) My companion and i are gonna load up with the sun screen for sure now!!!!!! I know it gets hot in the states but whoa it is waaay different here, the sun bakes you like you feel your skin sizzling! Thanks for the heads up, my companion has already gotten skin problems and yea i just got more freckles...yikes!

oh sorry yesterday i couldn´t write because i went to Resistencia for consejo. We had to wake up at 4 and we got back at 11...yep i feel like a zombie today.  Oh i got a letter today from Kimber!!!!! Tell her thank you for me! it was awesome to hear from her and know that she is doing good. hey i love you tons! I hope you are doing great! I love you all soooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 27, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Yep i think i am gonna continue with spanish education after the mission but we shall see... I sent you all a bunch of really old letters that i forgot i wrote today and there was some spanish in there...whoa i am improving!!!! Yea the heat is miserable but so far it has been tolerable, I really have slowed down because the mission should be enjoyed but with divisions it is always hard. We did divisions twice this week. the first divisions was fantastic and the hermana who is from Spain is now my best bud but then the second divisions didn't go as well! I'll spare you the details, but it didn't go so hot. 

My companion and i are great!I don´t think i have ever gotten along so well with a companion, i have only had one frustrated moment and it was because i was hungry. but divisions are tomorrow so we will see what happens. I bought a super cool recuerdo hoy! I can´t tell you what it is yet, but it is super cool. Let's see also with divisions i only spent 4 days in my area which was really strange. OH! I brought my camera so i could send fotos today but i forgot my cord to be able to upload them to the computer!!!! I am so sorry! My companion and i are gonna take a bunch of fotos today so next week you will get more...sorry! 

For some reason this Sunday was super tough for me and i thought about you all waaaaayyy too much! But whoa am i excited to be here! Today i completed 11 months...time is going so stinking fast!!!

Love you with all my heart! talk to you next week

Hermana Quick