Countdown to see Reinna

Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Whoa! dad, you got a shiner that's for sure! That sign looks legit by the way! Way to be family for helping out Connelly. I am glad you are in the final stages and then you can leave it in the past. Did they have a good tractor race in keremeos? 

There was a really good article in the Liahona about family history work this month. It made me think of you. Yep it has gotten nice and freezing suddenly! I definitely study in my bed because that's where the heater is at. I hope I stay in this area because we have a hot shower (the bathroom is still freezing but beggars can´t be choosers) and we have a heater. So i just stay in my room, unless I need to go to the bathroom, and really walking hasn´t been too bad either. But the first day we were not prepared and there was an icy wind! Oh how it hurt! We could see our breath and there was a frost on the ground. Yep we had to go back to the apartment to get out our winter clothes...I thought we had a little more time before the winter. I am doing good though! 

It was a pretty fun week though. It was cold and no one wanted to talk to us, but somehow we managed to stay positive. I made pancakes twice this week and an hermana had stuff to make syrup sooo that was delicious! Then we used the root beer kit, it was sooo good! We definitely made root beer floats! I love kimber sooo much! Thanks Kimber! We did all that on divisions so that was fun. All in all I am doing good. I realized how short the mission is so i am just trying to live it up and take advantage of the awesome time. Real life is gonna be way harder so I am grateful for all I am learning so I can be a better person after. This is the last week before transfers. I am super nervous, but it's all right come what may. Oh the best part of the week...i will send a picture! I love you so much! Love you!

So is your stomach feeling any better?
Yep i think so or I have just gotten used to it. Do you see that i got the best package in the world????!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried! I love everything, especially the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! there were only two people that got there packages this month and I was one of them! I am excited to make a dart board so thanks for the darts companion thinks I am crazy. I have a group of hermanas surrounding me at the moment...I think I need to go, it has been hard to write with the talking going on, but i love you sooo much! I miss you more than I can explain and I pray for you always. i hope you have the best week ever!!! And enjoy your vacation day!!!!! Love You!!!

Hermana Quick

Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 19, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

So i haven´t read all of your email this week because i was talking to the amazing Hna Young. But it sounds like your week was super crazy busy. i am so excited for Connelly to get his mission call!!!!! 

You have so many meetings during the week. This week was a tough one for me, but I got through it. I was sick all week, but I don´t think that is gonna change. I think Argentina has just ruined my body so I am gonna be sick till i get home. My stomach is just a mess. Every time I eat anything with acid, it dies, but on the bright side I can still walk just fine. 

Sunday was the birthday of my companion(I can tell Reinna how we say this in English when she returns), and she talked to her family and then we had a great dinner of empanadas, pizza and cake! I also made my companion a cake like a good comp. 

I don´t have much else to report because I spent quite a bit of time in the apartment sleeping because I was sick. This week will be way better though. 

I am definitely gonna read some awesome seccions from dyc and I will get motivated again, but if you have some inspirational stuff for next week I am ready :) I love you all soo much! I wish I could have seen your home run too! I now understand the importance of a bat :) But it takes skill too, don´t sell yourself short. That billboard is huge that Connelly is painting! hey how is the graduation stuff coming? Hey i love ou all sooo much! I can´t express how much i miss you all but it's a lot! I hope you are all ready to have tons of fun in August! I hope you all have a great week!

Hey I feel like I didn´t write so much this week, but I love you tons and I am sending you a pic of the dinner we had! The guy in yellow is hopefully gonna be baptized super soon! Dad I hope you have a great week. I really appreciate that you write me every week and you always support me completely. I miss you tons, but I know that you are rooting me on right now to keep going strong so i will do my best!  I hope you enjoyed Canada at the parade! Love you!

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

We were able to Skype with Reinna on Mother's Day. She's doing awesome and is getting nervous about being home in a few months...end of August! 

Here's an excerpt from her email Monday....Whoa it was so great seeing you!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the fotos also. You and mom and sooo cute! and tell Connelly to keep hanging in there(he was sick on Sunday with the flu). I am better, but my whole body hurts. I feel like an elephant sat on half of my body. It is really weird. 

Oh i am a little trunki but it's all good as my goal is to enjoy the mission while it lasts because I see the finish line. I was really grateful that mom said that I don´t have to do everything in a rush when I get back because I feel that pressure. Here we plan for every second of everyday and at home I am scared I will go a little nutty or I will regress into a major bum. But finding work is the scariest thing for me. Whoa it stresses me out. I have time though...I think. 

Hey i will send this your way and i will get some pictures to you too:) i love you so much and it made me so happy to see you yesterday!

Hermana Quick

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(I couldn't help but include another pic of Reinna's old, worn out shoes. They're pretty cool. She finally bought new ones this week as the ones we sent in a package still haven't arrived and we're doubting she'll ever see them)

I was absolutely exhausted this week! It is super cloudy and rainy but it is hot out. It's really uncomfortable. We also walked waaay more this week and Sunday I was dead! My knee was shot, so we rested because my companion is also sick  and has back problems. Church was interesting though because it was raining and thundering sooo hard that the lights went out! Not many people showed up early and my companion and I gave the class in Sociedad de Socorro (Relief Society), but there were only two ladies so it was more like a charla(discussion).

We had two baptisms Saturday and we are expecting another this Saturday. Also, we have a multi-zone conference tomorrow, and I am super excited because I am gonna see Hna Valerio and Skirvin! Oh I am waiting about the Skype thing on Mother's Day. There aren´t any members in our branch that have Skype or a camera, but the branch nearby has one member. We'll have to take turns with those hermanas and as of now I got the short end of the stick because it isn´t a member from our branch,but as of now i will be calling you at 5 here so i think that is 1 your time. I am waiting for that to be confirmed, but for now, plan on chatting at 5PM my time next Sunday.

But yep all is good, i am suuuuper tired! But life is good :) I love you tons! I also bought new shoes and i will send you some pics of the old ones :) I'll show you my new shoes next Sunday:)

Hermana Quick