Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(I couldn't help but include another pic of Reinna's old, worn out shoes. They're pretty cool. She finally bought new ones this week as the ones we sent in a package still haven't arrived and we're doubting she'll ever see them)

I was absolutely exhausted this week! It is super cloudy and rainy but it is hot out. It's really uncomfortable. We also walked waaay more this week and Sunday I was dead! My knee was shot, so we rested because my companion is also sick  and has back problems. Church was interesting though because it was raining and thundering sooo hard that the lights went out! Not many people showed up early and my companion and I gave the class in Sociedad de Socorro (Relief Society), but there were only two ladies so it was more like a charla(discussion).

We had two baptisms Saturday and we are expecting another this Saturday. Also, we have a multi-zone conference tomorrow, and I am super excited because I am gonna see Hna Valerio and Skirvin! Oh I am waiting about the Skype thing on Mother's Day. There aren´t any members in our branch that have Skype or a camera, but the branch nearby has one member. We'll have to take turns with those hermanas and as of now I got the short end of the stick because it isn´t a member from our branch,but as of now i will be calling you at 5 here so i think that is 1 your time. I am waiting for that to be confirmed, but for now, plan on chatting at 5PM my time next Sunday.

But yep all is good, i am suuuuper tired! But life is good :) I love you tons! I also bought new shoes and i will send you some pics of the old ones :) I'll show you my new shoes next Sunday:)

Hermana Quick

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