Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 12, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

We were able to Skype with Reinna on Mother's Day. She's doing awesome and is getting nervous about being home in a few months...end of August! 

Here's an excerpt from her email Monday....Whoa it was so great seeing you!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the fotos also. You and mom and sooo cute! and tell Connelly to keep hanging in there(he was sick on Sunday with the flu). I am better, but my whole body hurts. I feel like an elephant sat on half of my body. It is really weird. 

Oh i am a little trunki but it's all good as my goal is to enjoy the mission while it lasts because I see the finish line. I was really grateful that mom said that I don´t have to do everything in a rush when I get back because I feel that pressure. Here we plan for every second of everyday and at home I am scared I will go a little nutty or I will regress into a major bum. But finding work is the scariest thing for me. Whoa it stresses me out. I have time though...I think. 

Hey i will send this your way and i will get some pictures to you too:) i love you so much and it made me so happy to see you yesterday!

Hermana Quick

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