Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Connelly is such a stud!!! Is someone filming these games?! I wanna see these amazing things when I get back :) 

Charlie is going home this week. i never would of thought that i would be missing his home coming talk...weird. 

So for this week, well this week was a hard one, it wasn´t that hot...well Wednesday was brutal!!! It was the day before a huge storm so they cut the power because there was so much electricity in the air but during the day it was hard to breath from the humidity, but then it got perfect again. Now it is starting to heat up again and everyday it gets a little hotter. So far i haven´t felt like it was so bad but my companions straight up died! i think my chronic coldness might come in handy :) But yeah it was a really hard week lesson wise! 

I am so glad Hna Dean got her visa!!!!!! I talked to someone today who remembered me from the ccm(MTC). i didn´t realize she had the same time as me but she just got here! Crazy! Yep i am very blessed that I didn't have to wait long for my visa. 

It's going to be short and swee this week. Sorry.  i love you soooo much!!!!! I think about you all all the time and well you are the very very best family in the whole world and i won´´t lie (that's a sin): I miss you all. After a hard week of not seeing much success, i realized how much i missed you all. It was rough but i am so excited to keep going because the mission is amazing! It's crazy hard, but it is so worth it to see people change their lives and become truly happy. Have i mentioned that i love you!

OH! I tried to send your package, but they said i had to go to a different correo(post office) so next monday i will try again. Man that thing is full of letters and pictures and yep i am so sorry you haven´t received anything in such a long time, i have written letters to timmerie, naomi, taylor, kimber, sister demartino, abril, the timm girls, and the fam of course and i think a couple goal for next week is to get the package in the mail so everyone will get their letters and stuff! Hey i love you and i got to go buy stuff for a new apartment and get it all set up but i love you tons! Enjoy your meeting! Good luck with your last football game!
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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Haha dad you are so busy it is crazy! Oh and people don´t say chevere they use capo..Vos sos re capo! haha oh Argentinian slang. Tell connelly to keep up the good work in football! it sounds like he is kicking trash! 

It is freaky with all the new missionaries coming in as i am actually considered older on the mission, but i am still new in my mind and a couple weeks shy of 6 months in Argentina. For some reason counting time doesn´t make me trunky. It just freaks me out to see how fast time has been flying by! It is straight up crazy! i still feel like a major newbie at times because there is still so much i don´t know. i have random moments when i get crazy nervous. i had to talk in primary at the last minute this Sunday and i was suuuper nervous. i don´t know why because it is just a bunch of kids, but my companions were teasing me afterwards:) Yep, in front of investigators i have no fear. i have no problem calling people to repentance, but with a member present i instantly get a little nervous. I am hoping that feeling eventually fades, but it has been getting better :) 

Oh so my interview this week was awesome! President Heyman is super cool and apparently every time he sees me he always tells my companions ¨she is a good missionary¨ It makes me happy to know that he thinks highly of me because in my interview he told me a couple times that i was doing good sooo yea it was awesome, and his wife is just so cool! They are both really sweet people and i can tell how much they care for all of the missionaries. Dad you are so cool giving talks in Spanish and English! what a beast! 

Oh! this week it was hotter and thank goodness it rained last night because it cooled down a little bit, but it keeps getting worse and worse. it isn´t unbearable but i keep hearing that this heat is nothing right now. Last week my companions and i were walking and we were trying to find an inactive member and we were walking on calle 12 and you know what? calle 12 never seemed to end. It just kept going and going and going and we found that there were thousands of more people in our area... it wasn´t on the map but it was really overwhelming to say the least. Next week they are going to send more missionaries our way to divide the area, but it is still gigantic! I have now been in the area for 3 months, but it doesn´t feel that long yet. Sorry that i haven´t taken pictures lately i am setting a goal right now to improve:) and wanted stories about the buses or something... well a ride in a colectivo(bus) is usually pretty chill if you sit in the middle of the bus during the siesta but if not, you are usually crammed in, and the bus driver hauls. Most times there aren´t stop lights or stop signs. there are plenty of speed bumps so when the bus hit the bump you usually catch some sick air. Yep, sometimes it is better to be standing because it can hurt your bum, but if you are going long distance on a better bus, it is comfy...well some buses are old and sketchy but normally they are really nice when they're going longer distances. 

I thought i was going to die the other day in a remis too! I am seen a lot of people laying in the street because their moto(motorcycle) got hit. it is sketchy at times driving around here. 

Oh, this past Saturday we also did a service project in the morning with the helping hands thing, so i got to wear a cool yellow penny but all we did was collect recyclable things. it was fun though! :) 

Lets see funny stories... Hna Hext asked a guy in a wheel chair the other day, "Cómo anda?" which was just super ironic. (Como anda is how you ask how somebody is doing in literally means how are you walking though, so sometimes people to be smart Aleks they'll respond by saying "with my feet"). Hna Skirvin...well she is just super funny! Oh man, she cracks me up all the time. i make faces at her all day, and with the heat she fell asleep in a couple lessons so it was fun trying to discreetly wake her up. 

Oh we are also getting a group of visa waiters coming next week and then the next week is transfers so we have two chances for changes. hmm yep lets see i am sorry i sat down today and got suuuper tired. But all is well, hey can you describe subjunctive for me. i use it but i don´t understand it at all! Hey i hope everything is going great there :) whoa Halloween is coming up! what are you all gonna do?! Hey i love you all sooo much! You are always in my prayers and i will send you some awesome pics next week :)Love you!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Warming up in Resistencia - October 14, 2013

Whoa can i just say i got chills reading about my beastly brother playing in football Friday night!!!! What a stud! Keep up the great work Connelly :) 

(I asked Reinna to describe a typical day for me)
Well I will describe a regular day for you. We wake up every morning at 6:30 (hardest part of the day) then i normally write in my journal because with 3 girls in our tiny apartment and also an extra fridge and stove in the middle of everything, we don't have space right now for exercises. I just signed a contract(for another apartment) for some new hermanas, so hopefully they will transfer in someone new and split our area but in the meantime... After that i do personal study. I always do my personal study in English, and I study for whoever we will be teaching that day, so i plan out what scriptures we will use. i then read a chapter in the new testament, a chapter in the book of Mormon, a section from the doctrine and covenants, and finally a talk from the liahona. That varies from day to day depending on what our investigators needs are and if someone asked a question that i didn't know. After that at 9 we have companionship study. We pray together (we also pray to start and finish personal study). We then read the white bible (missionary rules book), we discuss what each of us studied individually, what we learned personally, and what is going to benefit the people we teach. After that I direct their training. We have a manual we use for that but we pretty much we work on improving our teaching skills and how we can help people more effectively. We always end companionship study by doing varias praticas(various practices) about what we are gonna teach that day, what we reviewed in training, and really anything that we need to work on. We end with a prayer and then we study español. I made a goal last week to finish the book of Mormon in Spanish before my 9 month mark. That has been coming along well, but i am terrified for the Isaiah chapters in Nefi(Nephi) because i know i will need my dictionary for almost every word. Maybe i will just go back in forth with my English for those ones. Anyway then we get ready to go. We have lunch with members from 12:30 to 1:30. Lunches can be kind of awkward because i have to be the one to talk because my companions can't do it yet at a high level, so i just drill them with questions until they start talking freely. One of my companions always shares a scripture with them and i help them out and we ask for references and then we start the day off. After lunch it is always brutal because you are usually overfed and full and it is starting to get really warm now, so it is hard not to join everyone else in a siesta. So the day usually starts off pretty rough unless you have an appointment set. We then use our list of members to find people, so we walk around looking for our less actives and then we contact their neighbors and pray that someone lets us sit down and chat for a little bit. That is a general day i will write a letter with more details of an actual day with thoughts and everything.

Hey, could you let the Martin's know i got their card! It was awesome! Also Hermana DeMartino! And Abril, I have received her letters too and i have a package ready to send home with letters. i hope it gets there soon! 

Oh so from this week it rained crazy hard. i actually woke up at like 2 or 3 in the morning because i had this dream about lightning and thunder. Yep, i jumped out of bed and hurdled my companion and brought in all of our drying clothes in perfect time. By the time i closed the slider the rain was coming down in buckets! It's like the holy ghost knew i needed dry clothes :) The next day i also killed a huuuuge cockroach! We walked into our apartment and i was doing something and Hna Skirvin made this really weird squeak-moan sound and i asked her what was up. She didn't respond, so i walked over and she was frozen, staring down at a 2 or 3 inch long cockroach! Yea Hna Hext also looked terrified so as the mother (trainer) I had to kill the sucker! It was so gross and it was a battle because it was like he could detect the shoe coming its way, but in the end i was victorious :) Also Ramon got baptized! It took two hermanos to get him in the pileta (baptismal font) and then they had to baptize him 4 times as they couldn't seem to submerse him completely each time. i thought they were gonna drown the poor guy, but as an ex-boxer he took it so well. Oh and he only has 81 years, his wife who died would be 85(aww). 

Yep so streets like rivers, tons of humidity, and a ton of heat was what happened this week. It was exciting :) My hijas are doing really well and we are hoping for some more baptisms in 2 weeks but it will be tough, but i am doing great, super exhausted and well this week was bad for my obedience. It gets harder and harder to wake up everyday, but it is alright. But i am still loving life. Oh pobre Hna Hext has major blisters and Hna Skirivin too! I feel pretty bad. i never got blisters. i just get tons of mosquito bites. and yes, i got the packages!!!!! Thanks you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a dance last week but it was only for a second as the reglas are still was more like a wiggle. But hey i love you sooo much! thank you so much for sending me all that stuff! And thanks for always keeping me in the loop on what you are up to. Tell mom i love her with all my heart. oh, and let Kimber know i got her letter! It was amazing! I love you all sooo much! :)  Good luck this week and suerte con the officiating! oh i have interviews this week with president Heyman so that will be cool :) Hey love you!!!!
Hermana Quick

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Dad i think it is a miracle you function like you do sometimes when don't even sleep?! Yeah you can send me a letter or two in Spanish. i can read just fine, in the computer it is a pain to write though with accents and all, but go for it, and you can write in vos. i was thinking about it the other day and i after the mission it is gonna be way weird being able to speak in tu and vos...yep can´t imagine it :) Hna Danielle Hext is from Snowflake Arizona. oh she´s a good one. Yea we had to postpone our baptism a little bit but he is definitely getting baptized. We will have to have two people help him into the font and then we are gonna have him sit on a bench and just tilt him back...i am soooo excited! Hey seriously tell Connelly to keep up the good work in football! Hey is he still my little brother or did he gain a bunch of weight or get taller or anything? OH!! I have all my pictures! They are on a cd! I will send them to you :) A member here read the blog and he then called me up and told me he had my photos all backed up! yay! He speaks English that's how he seriously, i love my ward! Yeah speaking Spanish with gringas is tough, but when we are out of the house we usually do it, but sometimes telling stories is so much funnier in English. Hey can you explain sos to me, like vos is like tú but different but the sos thing throws me. Whoops i ran out of time again...i am so sorry! I found the correo(post office) so you will be getting a package soon...well i hope it is soon, but i love you sooo much and i am so excited to show you everything here in a year, i love it! Well i hate the animals here but everything else is amazing! I love you so much dad and I hope you are doing great! Oh my goodness conference was soooo good! I watched it in English with all the other gringas. so good! Hey i love love love you and think of you always :)
Hermana Quick
Alright so i think i sent you a picture of a random pregnant horse, the chaco forever stadium, which is totally sketchy like on game nights (we can´t go anywhere near it or we will die), hna skirvin eating pizza, and then i sent you a pic of Corrientes, it is super pretty! Hey i love you!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Training TWO in Resistencia - September 20, 2013

Ahhh dad your vos was so sweet! normally i get frustrated when personas say things to me in vos pero i loved it when it came from you!!!!! So spanish is complicating my brain right now, i am on divisions with Hna Seeley! yep we served in Wisconsin together and today our hijas (greenies) are at a newbie conference so we got permission to spend the day together. I am in Corrientes and it is so weird because we have only been talking in Spanish. The last time we were together we were waiting for visas. Oh yeah translados (change day) happened and i am now a mother of two gringas who are brand spankin new! Hna Skirvin is still with me and now i have a newbie from the ccm(Missionary Training Center) Hna Hext. She speaks surprisingly well. i mean she doesn´t understand everything yet but she is doing great! It is pretty crazy though as i am a mom of two gringas and we are one of two trios. The other is a trio of all latinas...I don´t know why, but president Heyman seems to trust me a lot. 

I expect pictures of the house of grandma and grandpa quick! (Special note that Reinna is obviously thinking in Spanish here as normal people would say Grandma's house, not the house of grandma. The grandparents have sold their house in Spokane and are moving this month to another place out in the valley.) Hey and bien hecho (well done) with reading and praying together every day! That's amazing! So I must say coming on the mission has really made me realize how much i did not know. Like scripture wise i have a long way to go and Hna Hext has studied a ton, so now i have a ton of deep doctrinal stuff in my brain. i love personal study time! Oh yeah hna Johansen is a sister training leader now in Corrientes also...I don´t know how that's going, but she is very diligent so she will be a great example to the other hnas. Yea the only exciting thing that happened this week is that i am now training two and we are preparing the baptism of a 85 year old man! Super excited to send you a picture of that! Oh and i don´t know if i told you but half the photos from my first area got deleted i don´t know what happened but i am trying to make up for it now in this area. If i think of all the photos i lost, i get kinda sad, but it is okay. i have many more memories to make, and i will record them. Have tons of fun talking in the spanish ward! That sounds like tons of fun! So any advice on how to motivate myself to speak spanish all the time? It is close to impossible, but no sé...quizás hay un secreto (I don't know...maybe there is a secret). Well send my love to everyone! thank you so much for all that you do dad. you are the greatest ejemplo.  Hey i am gonna attach some fotos but i love you soooooo much! Send my love to the fam!!!!

Hermana Quick