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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Connelly is such a stud!!! Is someone filming these games?! I wanna see these amazing things when I get back :) 

Charlie is going home this week. i never would of thought that i would be missing his home coming talk...weird. 

So for this week, well this week was a hard one, it wasn´t that hot...well Wednesday was brutal!!! It was the day before a huge storm so they cut the power because there was so much electricity in the air but during the day it was hard to breath from the humidity, but then it got perfect again. Now it is starting to heat up again and everyday it gets a little hotter. So far i haven´t felt like it was so bad but my companions straight up died! i think my chronic coldness might come in handy :) But yeah it was a really hard week lesson wise! 

I am so glad Hna Dean got her visa!!!!!! I talked to someone today who remembered me from the ccm(MTC). i didn´t realize she had the same time as me but she just got here! Crazy! Yep i am very blessed that I didn't have to wait long for my visa. 

It's going to be short and swee this week. Sorry.  i love you soooo much!!!!! I think about you all all the time and well you are the very very best family in the whole world and i won´´t lie (that's a sin): I miss you all. After a hard week of not seeing much success, i realized how much i missed you all. It was rough but i am so excited to keep going because the mission is amazing! It's crazy hard, but it is so worth it to see people change their lives and become truly happy. Have i mentioned that i love you!

OH! I tried to send your package, but they said i had to go to a different correo(post office) so next monday i will try again. Man that thing is full of letters and pictures and yep i am so sorry you haven´t received anything in such a long time, i have written letters to timmerie, naomi, taylor, kimber, sister demartino, abril, the timm girls, and the fam of course and i think a couple goal for next week is to get the package in the mail so everyone will get their letters and stuff! Hey i love you and i got to go buy stuff for a new apartment and get it all set up but i love you tons! Enjoy your meeting! Good luck with your last football game!
Hermana Quick

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