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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Training TWO in Resistencia - September 20, 2013

Ahhh dad your vos was so sweet! normally i get frustrated when personas say things to me in vos pero i loved it when it came from you!!!!! So spanish is complicating my brain right now, i am on divisions with Hna Seeley! yep we served in Wisconsin together and today our hijas (greenies) are at a newbie conference so we got permission to spend the day together. I am in Corrientes and it is so weird because we have only been talking in Spanish. The last time we were together we were waiting for visas. Oh yeah translados (change day) happened and i am now a mother of two gringas who are brand spankin new! Hna Skirvin is still with me and now i have a newbie from the ccm(Missionary Training Center) Hna Hext. She speaks surprisingly well. i mean she doesn´t understand everything yet but she is doing great! It is pretty crazy though as i am a mom of two gringas and we are one of two trios. The other is a trio of all latinas...I don´t know why, but president Heyman seems to trust me a lot. 

I expect pictures of the house of grandma and grandpa quick! (Special note that Reinna is obviously thinking in Spanish here as normal people would say Grandma's house, not the house of grandma. The grandparents have sold their house in Spokane and are moving this month to another place out in the valley.) Hey and bien hecho (well done) with reading and praying together every day! That's amazing! So I must say coming on the mission has really made me realize how much i did not know. Like scripture wise i have a long way to go and Hna Hext has studied a ton, so now i have a ton of deep doctrinal stuff in my brain. i love personal study time! Oh yeah hna Johansen is a sister training leader now in Corrientes also...I don´t know how that's going, but she is very diligent so she will be a great example to the other hnas. Yea the only exciting thing that happened this week is that i am now training two and we are preparing the baptism of a 85 year old man! Super excited to send you a picture of that! Oh and i don´t know if i told you but half the photos from my first area got deleted i don´t know what happened but i am trying to make up for it now in this area. If i think of all the photos i lost, i get kinda sad, but it is okay. i have many more memories to make, and i will record them. Have tons of fun talking in the spanish ward! That sounds like tons of fun! So any advice on how to motivate myself to speak spanish all the time? It is close to impossible, but no sé...quizás hay un secreto (I don't know...maybe there is a secret). Well send my love to everyone! thank you so much for all that you do dad. you are the greatest ejemplo.  Hey i am gonna attach some fotos but i love you soooooo much! Send my love to the fam!!!!

Hermana Quick

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  1. Hi, Reinna. If there is a secret to speaking Spanish all the time, your dad didn't tell it to us, either. Glad you are doing so well, though. Keep up the good work. We are still waiting for the loan to go through for the couple buying our house, so we don't know if we should keep packing up to move or to wait. Such concerns, but we're glad you don't have to worry about things like that. Just keep being your sweet self and keep learning and growing!!! Love, Grandma Quick