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Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Dad i think it is a miracle you function like you do sometimes when don't even sleep?! Yeah you can send me a letter or two in Spanish. i can read just fine, in the computer it is a pain to write though with accents and all, but go for it, and you can write in vos. i was thinking about it the other day and i after the mission it is gonna be way weird being able to speak in tu and vos...yep can´t imagine it :) Hna Danielle Hext is from Snowflake Arizona. oh she´s a good one. Yea we had to postpone our baptism a little bit but he is definitely getting baptized. We will have to have two people help him into the font and then we are gonna have him sit on a bench and just tilt him back...i am soooo excited! Hey seriously tell Connelly to keep up the good work in football! Hey is he still my little brother or did he gain a bunch of weight or get taller or anything? OH!! I have all my pictures! They are on a cd! I will send them to you :) A member here read the blog and he then called me up and told me he had my photos all backed up! yay! He speaks English that's how he seriously, i love my ward! Yeah speaking Spanish with gringas is tough, but when we are out of the house we usually do it, but sometimes telling stories is so much funnier in English. Hey can you explain sos to me, like vos is like tú but different but the sos thing throws me. Whoops i ran out of time again...i am so sorry! I found the correo(post office) so you will be getting a package soon...well i hope it is soon, but i love you sooo much and i am so excited to show you everything here in a year, i love it! Well i hate the animals here but everything else is amazing! I love you so much dad and I hope you are doing great! Oh my goodness conference was soooo good! I watched it in English with all the other gringas. so good! Hey i love love love you and think of you always :)
Hermana Quick
Alright so i think i sent you a picture of a random pregnant horse, the chaco forever stadium, which is totally sketchy like on game nights (we can´t go anywhere near it or we will die), hna skirvin eating pizza, and then i sent you a pic of Corrientes, it is super pretty! Hey i love you!

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