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Monday, October 14, 2013

Warming up in Resistencia - October 14, 2013

Whoa can i just say i got chills reading about my beastly brother playing in football Friday night!!!! What a stud! Keep up the great work Connelly :) 

(I asked Reinna to describe a typical day for me)
Well I will describe a regular day for you. We wake up every morning at 6:30 (hardest part of the day) then i normally write in my journal because with 3 girls in our tiny apartment and also an extra fridge and stove in the middle of everything, we don't have space right now for exercises. I just signed a contract(for another apartment) for some new hermanas, so hopefully they will transfer in someone new and split our area but in the meantime... After that i do personal study. I always do my personal study in English, and I study for whoever we will be teaching that day, so i plan out what scriptures we will use. i then read a chapter in the new testament, a chapter in the book of Mormon, a section from the doctrine and covenants, and finally a talk from the liahona. That varies from day to day depending on what our investigators needs are and if someone asked a question that i didn't know. After that at 9 we have companionship study. We pray together (we also pray to start and finish personal study). We then read the white bible (missionary rules book), we discuss what each of us studied individually, what we learned personally, and what is going to benefit the people we teach. After that I direct their training. We have a manual we use for that but we pretty much we work on improving our teaching skills and how we can help people more effectively. We always end companionship study by doing varias praticas(various practices) about what we are gonna teach that day, what we reviewed in training, and really anything that we need to work on. We end with a prayer and then we study español. I made a goal last week to finish the book of Mormon in Spanish before my 9 month mark. That has been coming along well, but i am terrified for the Isaiah chapters in Nefi(Nephi) because i know i will need my dictionary for almost every word. Maybe i will just go back in forth with my English for those ones. Anyway then we get ready to go. We have lunch with members from 12:30 to 1:30. Lunches can be kind of awkward because i have to be the one to talk because my companions can't do it yet at a high level, so i just drill them with questions until they start talking freely. One of my companions always shares a scripture with them and i help them out and we ask for references and then we start the day off. After lunch it is always brutal because you are usually overfed and full and it is starting to get really warm now, so it is hard not to join everyone else in a siesta. So the day usually starts off pretty rough unless you have an appointment set. We then use our list of members to find people, so we walk around looking for our less actives and then we contact their neighbors and pray that someone lets us sit down and chat for a little bit. That is a general day i will write a letter with more details of an actual day with thoughts and everything.

Hey, could you let the Martin's know i got their card! It was awesome! Also Hermana DeMartino! And Abril, I have received her letters too and i have a package ready to send home with letters. i hope it gets there soon! 

Oh so from this week it rained crazy hard. i actually woke up at like 2 or 3 in the morning because i had this dream about lightning and thunder. Yep, i jumped out of bed and hurdled my companion and brought in all of our drying clothes in perfect time. By the time i closed the slider the rain was coming down in buckets! It's like the holy ghost knew i needed dry clothes :) The next day i also killed a huuuuge cockroach! We walked into our apartment and i was doing something and Hna Skirvin made this really weird squeak-moan sound and i asked her what was up. She didn't respond, so i walked over and she was frozen, staring down at a 2 or 3 inch long cockroach! Yea Hna Hext also looked terrified so as the mother (trainer) I had to kill the sucker! It was so gross and it was a battle because it was like he could detect the shoe coming its way, but in the end i was victorious :) Also Ramon got baptized! It took two hermanos to get him in the pileta (baptismal font) and then they had to baptize him 4 times as they couldn't seem to submerse him completely each time. i thought they were gonna drown the poor guy, but as an ex-boxer he took it so well. Oh and he only has 81 years, his wife who died would be 85(aww). 

Yep so streets like rivers, tons of humidity, and a ton of heat was what happened this week. It was exciting :) My hijas are doing really well and we are hoping for some more baptisms in 2 weeks but it will be tough, but i am doing great, super exhausted and well this week was bad for my obedience. It gets harder and harder to wake up everyday, but it is alright. But i am still loving life. Oh pobre Hna Hext has major blisters and Hna Skirivin too! I feel pretty bad. i never got blisters. i just get tons of mosquito bites. and yes, i got the packages!!!!! Thanks you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did a dance last week but it was only for a second as the reglas are still was more like a wiggle. But hey i love you sooo much! thank you so much for sending me all that stuff! And thanks for always keeping me in the loop on what you are up to. Tell mom i love her with all my heart. oh, and let Kimber know i got her letter! It was amazing! I love you all sooo much! :)  Good luck this week and suerte con the officiating! oh i have interviews this week with president Heyman so that will be cool :) Hey love you!!!!
Hermana Quick

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