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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Haha dad you are so busy it is crazy! Oh and people don´t say chevere they use capo..Vos sos re capo! haha oh Argentinian slang. Tell connelly to keep up the good work in football! it sounds like he is kicking trash! 

It is freaky with all the new missionaries coming in as i am actually considered older on the mission, but i am still new in my mind and a couple weeks shy of 6 months in Argentina. For some reason counting time doesn´t make me trunky. It just freaks me out to see how fast time has been flying by! It is straight up crazy! i still feel like a major newbie at times because there is still so much i don´t know. i have random moments when i get crazy nervous. i had to talk in primary at the last minute this Sunday and i was suuuper nervous. i don´t know why because it is just a bunch of kids, but my companions were teasing me afterwards:) Yep, in front of investigators i have no fear. i have no problem calling people to repentance, but with a member present i instantly get a little nervous. I am hoping that feeling eventually fades, but it has been getting better :) 

Oh so my interview this week was awesome! President Heyman is super cool and apparently every time he sees me he always tells my companions ¨she is a good missionary¨ It makes me happy to know that he thinks highly of me because in my interview he told me a couple times that i was doing good sooo yea it was awesome, and his wife is just so cool! They are both really sweet people and i can tell how much they care for all of the missionaries. Dad you are so cool giving talks in Spanish and English! what a beast! 

Oh! this week it was hotter and thank goodness it rained last night because it cooled down a little bit, but it keeps getting worse and worse. it isn´t unbearable but i keep hearing that this heat is nothing right now. Last week my companions and i were walking and we were trying to find an inactive member and we were walking on calle 12 and you know what? calle 12 never seemed to end. It just kept going and going and going and we found that there were thousands of more people in our area... it wasn´t on the map but it was really overwhelming to say the least. Next week they are going to send more missionaries our way to divide the area, but it is still gigantic! I have now been in the area for 3 months, but it doesn´t feel that long yet. Sorry that i haven´t taken pictures lately i am setting a goal right now to improve:) and wanted stories about the buses or something... well a ride in a colectivo(bus) is usually pretty chill if you sit in the middle of the bus during the siesta but if not, you are usually crammed in, and the bus driver hauls. Most times there aren´t stop lights or stop signs. there are plenty of speed bumps so when the bus hit the bump you usually catch some sick air. Yep, sometimes it is better to be standing because it can hurt your bum, but if you are going long distance on a better bus, it is comfy...well some buses are old and sketchy but normally they are really nice when they're going longer distances. 

I thought i was going to die the other day in a remis too! I am seen a lot of people laying in the street because their moto(motorcycle) got hit. it is sketchy at times driving around here. 

Oh, this past Saturday we also did a service project in the morning with the helping hands thing, so i got to wear a cool yellow penny but all we did was collect recyclable things. it was fun though! :) 

Lets see funny stories... Hna Hext asked a guy in a wheel chair the other day, "Cómo anda?" which was just super ironic. (Como anda is how you ask how somebody is doing in literally means how are you walking though, so sometimes people to be smart Aleks they'll respond by saying "with my feet"). Hna Skirvin...well she is just super funny! Oh man, she cracks me up all the time. i make faces at her all day, and with the heat she fell asleep in a couple lessons so it was fun trying to discreetly wake her up. 

Oh we are also getting a group of visa waiters coming next week and then the next week is transfers so we have two chances for changes. hmm yep lets see i am sorry i sat down today and got suuuper tired. But all is well, hey can you describe subjunctive for me. i use it but i don´t understand it at all! Hey i hope everything is going great there :) whoa Halloween is coming up! what are you all gonna do?! Hey i love you all sooo much! You are always in my prayers and i will send you some awesome pics next week :)Love you!
Hermana Quick

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