Countdown to see Reinna

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 3, 2014 Formosa, Argentina

Yep i have gotten the letters from grandma, so please tell her thank you:) and so far i have gotten all the packages so i would keep sending them to whatever direction that you have because i really don´t know. Also i got my package from Kimber Thursday!!!! It was sooo cool! Now i just have to find a couple things to brew me up some root beer :) Well i think that spanish letter I sent is a little older, i will write you a letter today in spanish and send it your way, i have my companion correct my letters or i am trying to write more and more in spanish because  i hadn´t in a really long time, and there are always little things, but i can see improvement. The hard part is just remembering! There are so many rules and things that i need to set a goal to improve little things every day but one day i will get there and like you said i have half a year left!!! I can´t believe it! Time is flying by sooo stinking fast. Are there any tips you could give me about my spanish, like little things that i repeatedly did wrong? That's awesome that the girls team did so well!!! Do they lose many players this year? Whoa that is sooo cool!!! Time out for women is happening again already?! That happened just a little bit ago! It's really weird because now when i think about what i was doing last year...i was in the mission. How is mom doing? Wait so austi is gonna be home for a weekend or two weeks?  Well i am gonna send you some photos here in a second. I love you sooo much! I am trying not to miss you all, but hey i miss you! I am ready to finish this race strong, but whoa i can tell its gonna be tough. The weather is trying to get cold and i already miss the heat. I love you all!!!

Hermana Quick

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