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Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 25, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

(The pic is the beginning of Reinna's Trunky's the mission office giving her the date of departure, August 26th, and their confirming of travel least confirming which airport she is to arrive home at in August!)

Hey!!!!! So i didn´t die or anything, but i got a really sad phone call last night when i was writing in my journal that said our pday was cancelled!!!! I thought it was a joke but it was some sort of a holiday yesterday and we had to today is pday and tomorrow i have divisions with the hermana lider capacitadoras. Should be fun. We also have a meeting with president...Another hermana and i will be doing practices in front of everyone at a meeting...yep i am nervous but we do get lunch :) First, whoa dad! your schedule is crazy! But it sounds like a ton of fun. Yea i wish i could go running with you as my companion hates running so i just try to do a ton of ab work outs, but that doesn´t do a whole lot, i am scared i am gonna start getting fat, not sure why because i have lost weight here, but most people get accustomed to the food and gain weight after a year...

Yea that dog then next day got out of his gate for the first time ever and i had to go to the bathroom, i thought it was weird that the gate was open but i walked in because i really needed to use the bathroom. I walked in about ten feet and the dog was on the other side of a moto and he saw me...yep i have teeth marks on my umbrella now. Thank goodness i had it with me as it was sprinkling all morning...Yea my companion was screaming as it was trying to get me, but she thought enough to close the gate when i ran backwards out. then i hooked the gate with my umbrella and he chowed down on my umbrella handle...I straight up thought i was dead. The neighbor called someone to take care of the dog, but our other neighbors were locked into their apartment because he was so vicious. And thank goodness our neighbors are rich and have a really nice bathroom :) It was a tough week of dog attacks and i just might bring treats because i am pretty jumpy now, everyday we have been almost eaten, i think it must have been a full moon or something, yesterday was alright though. I hate one of our barrios though, the yards aren´t closed and every house has at least 3 dogs, there are constant dog fights happening. My companion is finally getting it that i do not want to work in that barrio, i don´t care if it is close to the church. 

On Sunday we also had 12 investigators at church!!!! It was fantastic! There is a ton of work here and i love it. the small town feel is so great. Also there are a ton of gringos's like i fit right in. So my companion is good, but i really have to go to Peru one day because peruanas are so excited when they talk about their country, it is always the best in everything. There is something about peru. Oh hey i read that Divergent book, but i didn´t know it was gonna be a movie, very cool. Love you!!!

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