Countdown to see Reinna

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014 Oroville, Washington

Reinna was scheduled to come home  Wednesday, August 27th at 11:40AM, but she and 8 other sister missionaries from her mission and other Argentina missions had Visa issues for some reason and the airlines delayed them 24 hours, which meant that she came home Thursday instead and spent an extra day in Buenos Aires at a hotel with the other sister missionaries.

We had a small crew consisting of her mom, me, her brother Connelly, aunt Becky, uncle Gary, Grandma Judy, Papa Jim, and Grandma and Grandpa Quick there to welcome Reinna home at the Spokane airport. We made a sign for her that quotes 2 Timothy 4:7, one of Reinna's favorite scriptures.

Later that evening we were able to go to the Spokane temple with Connelly for the first time before he heads to his mission in Honduras. He leaves Sep 17th to the MTC in Mexico City. Time to start up a new blog in a couple of weeks! Today is the first Sunday in 18 months that I haven't sat down and written a letter to Reinna on her mission. It's been so awesome having her in the mission field. We have been blessed and Reinna has been so blessed. As a parent I couldn't be more proud of my daughter. She's grown in so many ways and is such an awesome example to our family and her friends. What is also super cool is that now we can rap in Spanish together.

Reinna and her mother spoke in church today. My cousin Nancy Burt and her husband Dean drove clear up from Ritzville to listen to her and spent the afternoon with us. BEST cousin award!!!! They're so cool!

Here's a couple of pics from her flight to arriving home. I'm trying to convince Reinna to write a final email or statement that I can end this blog with just to kind of wrap things up for this chapter in her life. Not sure if she'll have time to do it or not....don't hold your breath if you follow this blog at all, but maybe eventually.


Marsallai (Reinna's mom), Grandma Judy, and Grandma Quick

Hermana Quick

Reinna hugging Grandpa Quick

Dad, Conelly, Reinna, Grandma Judy, Mom, Papa Jim, Grandpa Quick, Grandma Quick, and aunt Becky....thank you uncle Gary for taking the pic!

Reinna, you look beautiful!

Brother Connelly with Reinna

Connelly Quick, Reinna's brother...soon to be Elder Quick...going to the temple in Spokane.

Doing a little geocaching on our 4 hour drive home from Spokane.

Reinna's friend Kimber met us at the house and had made an awesome welcome sign for Reinna.


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