Countdown to see Reinna

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 11, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

The reunion sounds like it was awesome!!! i knew they had great caves up that way but i never made it out of my room or the library to go visit them, when i get back i will make a point of doing it. also the thought just occurred to me that i will have an iPhone so i can geocache as well!!! crazy! i am so glad it was all a huge success, did you meet the other part of the Lovell family? (...blah, blah, blah...lot's of post-mission questions that she's worried about.)  i think those were my only questions, but i need you to hunt down Kimber and tell her she is the coolest!!! i got a package from her this Tuesday! i don´t know how it got through the aduana(Customs) and all but i got a little taste of the states and it was pretty amazing! This week was pretty good, we were able to help a little girl get baptized and we are hoping her dad will be baptized my last Saturday in the mission!!!! i really hope he can drop the cigarettes by then. But i can't think of anything else exciting that happened. There were a bunch of mission changes but they weren´t all very clear, seriously it was a really confusing meeting because we are changing the way we count or measure as a mission, but i didn´t really get it. well nobody did. Pretty much there is a way higher focus on retention. Well i am gonna start loading some fotos but i hope you got some sleep in :) love you!!!!
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