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Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 Villa Angela, Chaco, Argentina

Oh my gosh your email just made me so happy my eyes are all watery!!!!! Austianna is such a good sister!!!! (She drove up to Oroville after work on Friday for Connelly's graduation.) I am impressed and dang i am so glad everyone could be there for Connelly on his special day and of course for mom´s birthday!!! Me and my companion had a moment of silence for you all. I can´t tell you how happy I am to know that you are all doing so good!!!!!!!!!!! I got a letter this week from sister Pitts, brother Pitts and Dayna and Connelly. It was super awesome, the letter from connelly seriously made me laugh until I almost cried! It is now on the wall as a permanent reminder of how great a brother I have. Well a lot is changing your way and the same thing is happening here. Transfers this month were ridiculous! Almost every hermana was changed and did a white wash. I didn´t do a white wash, but I absolutely love my companion!!!!! I won´t say her name yet. I will just send you a pic. No one wanted to talk to us this week it was an interesting week, but I was lost because I am now in Villa Angela and well, I just love my companion! I am doing good! I gave a talk on Sunday and I also had to give the class for relief fun! Today when I get done writing we are traveling to Las Breñas and we will stay there with 6 other hermanas for the night. In the morning we have a meeting and then we come back and then I travel back to Saenz Peña Saturday for the conferencia de distrito and i will see my old rama again. Then we might come back Sunday or we will travel to las breñas again and stay the night and come back's gonna be crazy! I am super excited though! Hey I love the fotos that you sent me!!! you are all so beautiful! or okay there is a word in inglés that I can´t remember but you all look really great!!!!! 

Hermana Quick

Yep my new\old companion is the hna Skirvin!!!!!! We are still kinda in shock that we are comps...Also, I am so excited to see where Connelly gets called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh our last pday we went to the zoo again. It was awesome because all the animals were eating, they had like 15 cougars, and they were are growling at each other and there were several animals that were missing, and some were out of their cages but oh well. Oh it is also getting colder here every day! during the day it is doable but at night it is freezing!!!! and our new apartment is... eh we can´t flush our toilet paper...what a bummer no!

shoot i will be back in a sec...okay 2 hours i got to go get a bus.

love you!

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