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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June 2, 2014 Sáenz Peña, Chaco, Argentina

Dad, that was the best kite adventure I have ever heard!!!! I am so proud! That lame man on the lawn mower just doesn´t know that you can fly a kite at any time and at any age...all the cool people are doing it. It sounds like we are gonna need more string when i get back though :) I am so excited to see grandma and grandpa´s new house! I can´t believed they moved. 

I am in shock right now....Connelly is gonna graduate!!!!!! He is so old!!!! How is mom doing? mission papers? Is Austi coming up too? I am so excited to see those pictures! Also its gonna be mom´s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! What an exciting week! I also have transfers tomorrow...i am nervous as we are expecting big changes. 

This week...well, I watched a huge double decker bus crash into a huge electric pole. It was pretty funny because he was backing up in the bus parking lot, yep and we had a sketching lesson with a women who told us her whole life story without breathing and i was in shock like whoa! 

It has been warming up again, well the sun is super hot but the shade is like ice. It's interesting. Walking to church on Sunday was sketchy because there was a fog covering everything so we couldn't see so well, and it was cold, but it was good in the end. The reciente converts aren't coming to church because of the cold, so that has been sad. Pte Heyman has been really stressing retention lately, but really we do our part to retain the people, but they still have their agency and Satan has a way of making people think it is okay not to come to church. It's frustrating. Yep, but all in all, life is good! I am happy and like you said, I am just trying to make the best of every moment. 

Oh in reply to Patty´s comment. I tract all day long. We have about 4 to 6 lessons a day and we are just looking for people who wanna listen and are willing to go to church and change their lives. But to be honest i really don´t know the definition to tracting(yet she's doing it everyday. Reinna's awesome)...this language thing has just made me real confused, what is inglés and what is español...I have no idea. I love you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!! Love you all tons! Tell connelly good luck for me and take tons of pictures!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hermana Quick

PS. Oh i got your letters with the corrections! It was awesome because you corrected me on some things that I figured out right before I got your letter. Every day the language gets a little easier, but it is a never ending process of learning. :) I love it!

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