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Monday, April 22, 2013

4-22-13 Milwaukee

(This entry is like many others in that we're exchanging emails. I'm asking questions and she's responding, so sometimes it can be confusing on why she's saying what she is...all part of the fun here or putting this blog together)

Thanks for getting an email to me! I love hearing about your adventure packed weeks. Life here is really good! I mean I am a little worried about losing all my Spanish but I know once i am immersed it will come back. I have been trying to teach my companions and they are learning a lot and when i pray with them it is always in Spanish and they really like that. I also have been memorizing a scripture mastery scripture in Spanish every day. I started at the beginning of the book of Mormon so I just got to 2 Nefi 2:27. And I have section 4 memorized and i still remember the first vision. I actually memorize things during personal study because that is the only way I can stay awake! Yeah and then for language study I write a little and work on my grammar. Yesterday I was trying to better understand por/para. I think I get it way better but it still has its difficulties. Yeah but this week was hard teaching wise because we taught a lot of random lessons to people on the street and families who let us in, but we teach singles only soooo yeah it has been really hard getting a hold of people and most of our second lessons fall through, like we give away a ton of referrals though. So yay for the other missionaries, but we had one guy who has agreed to be baptised on the 11th, and he went to church last week and then a baptism, but he won't call us back now. The only appointment we had was when we dropped by unannounced. Yeah I am hoping he starts keeping his appointments. this week should be really good though, I am excited to find some new people and hopefully get a second appointment or two. I just realized I hadn't sent you anything to let you know I'm online, Love you! I will keep writing in another email.
Hermana Quick

Sorry for the really late response we went to play sports with the other missionaries for an hour or so. which was super fun! Basketball was actually really fun today. Yeah my companionship is going really well!  My companions are both just super chill and yeah i really like them. So for the whole visa thing...We were told that it used to take only two weeks to process but they are super behind because i heard that the embassy was closed for the month of January. Soooo I don't know. there are a few people waiting here. one has been here for a month and there is a sister who has been waiting longer than that. I hope i get my visa sooner rather than later though. I still have moments when people ask me a question and my first thought is how can I say that in Spanish. Nope I do not get to drive. Only senior companions do that, but me and Hermana Wilcox switch on and off watching the backing up piece, it is actually who remembers because one of us inevitably forgets every time. Oh my goodness the weather has been great today! Oh so this morning I woke up and I was crazy dizzy. Like i have been kinda nauseous whoa! how do you spell that! anyway I am pretty sure I am really dehydrated but when you drink water then you have to go to the bathroom more and well there aren't many bathrooms around when you are tracting.

Oh so the sister and elder that I came here with have already been transferred from their trios into different areas. I am the only one who stayed with my companions! I am glad because I really like my companions but at the same time I wonder if I am just destined to be in a tria my whole mission.

whoa got to go again, but i love you tons! thanks for sending me that letter about our ancestors. it was amazing! tell the family i love them and i will try to send a letter today. oh and i helped a lady push her car out of the road this week and it was sooo much fun and then i gave her a bom(Book of Mormon) of course! love you!

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