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Friday, April 12, 2013

Final MTC Day 4-12-13

So big news i leave the MTC tonight! Yeah I will be calling dad at 11ish my time so be ready! if that doesn't work email me back right away so I can plan accordingly but i can also call you in the airport. I am gonna send this now but i will be on my email for a few minutes more and then i have to go pack and little and then i will be back on so I love you all sooooo much! I am soooo pumped right now! I couldn't sleep last night because i had gotten my travel plans and well yeah i am gonna send this now
Hermana Quick

So life has been awesome! I went to the consul on Tuesday and so now my visa should be being processed. but i did have to say goodbye to a 5 people from our district and that was kinda sad but really i was just so happy for them that there real adventure could start. ;) I had such a good week though! thank you all for your support it really has helped. I realized this week that i was so scared of ruining my companion's train of thought when teaching that I wasn't using the gifts and talents that God has given me. Dad you scripture in D&C 60 really helped me, but that night i had a dream that God was disappointed in me and yeah so sleeping was hard after that and i woke up and then i search the scriptures for more on fear and talents and yeah...So the rest of the week i just strove to be more brave and well yesterday was soo great because i did and it was so spiritual. I first taught with an elder because we were gonna switch up companionships but there is only 4 elders left and 3 sisters so I was partnered with my twin in elder form. We have both been told that when we teach our companions teach the doctrine but they feel it is true when we speak but we don't speak often. so we are the two quietest people, but we rocked! like it was amazing and our investigator really felt it and invited us back and well it felt great! Oh i have a new email in my inbox i will continue in another email. Luv ya!
Hermana Quick

So I told dad, but if you don't already know I am headed to Milwaukee Wisconsin...Yep I forgot that was even a state, and the only thing I know about it is that it is crazy cold in the winter and they have good cheese...I don't know either of these things from experience, but that's what I'm told. I am so excited though! Like my email before was about my awesome teaching experience with Elder Mathov, but after that like later that night we were teaching and right before I had gotten my travel plans and I was super distracted and crazy excited so I eventually calmed down and we taught Eloy about faith. It felt sooo good! I am teaching him again before I leave the MTC, but right after I will be getting my bags and we are departing the mtc at 9pm and then I don't fly out until 12:55 am...Yeah and then I fly to Atlanta and wait for 2 hours and then I will finally arrive in Wisconsin at 9:55am, so I will then have a whole beautiful day of teaching ahead of me, well probably not because there will probably be some sort of orientation process. Oh! So you should watch Earthly father, Heavenly Father on the Mormon message page and mountains to climb (They're both posted temporarily on the front page of this blog), well actually you should just go crazy and watch a bunch of them because they are amazing! But those two are a couple of my favorites. Oh and General Conference was soooo awesome! I have never sat through all of the session before like that especially taking notes and it was hard because my brain was so tired from taking in soooo much, but I am excited to get the ensign so I can review them. Oh so this week I think the thing I learned the most about was faith. I always thought was faith was just a belief, but now I really see that it is more about the actions you take according to that faith. I am glad I was not sent out last week because last week I was scared, but now I know going on a mission is an act of faith. I have faith that everything will work out and if I continually work according to my faith the Lord will bless me and protect me and keep me strong so I can endure every trial that will head my way. I kinda knew these things before but now i  am so sure. The MTC has helped me grow so much closer to Christ and I am so grateful that I have a year and a half more to go! Oh but I loved Elder Holland's talk, well I loved them all, but that one really stood out to me because it was all about faith (Also temporarily on the front page of the blog). It didn't totally sink in though until a couple days later. Oh I finally memorized the first vision in Spanish and then i started memorizing D&C section 4. I really hope I am Milwaukee Spanish speaking...Well I love you all so much! I will be on my email for a few more minutes so if you wanna chat do so quickly! I love you all and I cannot express to you all how excited I am to bring people closer to Christ! Talk to you later!
Hermana Quick
PS I don't have my address yet but If it is different from the main mission address i will let you know :)

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