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Monday, April 15, 2013

First P-Day in Wisconsin 4-15-13

This is a compilation of emails to mom and dad so it's a little broken up.

Hey!!!! I am totally alive! I am gonna just send this email real quick so you get it and then I'll continue, but heads up I'm online!

Yay! so you were right I have two companions and they are both super cool and like sports, but they are not Spanish speaking but I was told yesterday that we can have language study so it is my goal to teach them some Spanish so we can teach together at least a little bit. apparently they met a Spanish lady last week so we were gonna stop by tonight and see if I can get her interested. Yep first door approach the lady cracked the door and said "I'm Lutheran and really not interested" and closed the door really fast! Super funny I thought, but the second door was a Mormon so that was a surprise. Oh i am a missionary at a young single adults ward so like we don't teach families so that is kinda sad, like we contact and can make appointments and then we send them to other missionaries. I don't like that because i wanna teach everyone, but its all good we can still try to set appointments with them.

So life is awesome! I finally have the opportunity to talk to real people and although I haven't taught any lessons we have had a good discussion or two. It actually has been pretty slow because my companions have been kinda in a dry spell. Oh, my companions are Sister Case and Sister Wilcox. They both don't know a lick of Spanish, but we get language study now because I am their companion, so now I am attempting to teach them. Oh our ward is a Young single adult ward so we literally only teach single young people, which is strange, but I am slowly getting used to the idea. I wish we were in a family ward, but i must be needed here instead. My first day here I got to go to a baptism, but not from our ward and that was cool. Oh dad just sent me an email so I'll continue this in is second. Love you!

yep it was snowing my first day here and it was suuper cold and thankfully we didn't have a ton of time for tracting. It is starting to warm up which is nice, but I am so glad now that I bought suuper warm boots and that I packed a few layers! Seriously though my boots are so warm I was considering getting a new pair when i was in Argentina but now i know i bought them for a reason! Oh so last night was awful! I had a bloody nose that would not stop. so i ended up sticking tp up my nose and putting a towel down on my sweatshirt (because i don't have a pillow yet apparently state side missionaries bring all their bedding) Yeah i am suuuuper tired!

Thanks dad! i will study as best i can. my companions have let me pray in Spanish with them instead of English but i will write you a letter today in Spanish to keep it up. Yep if i get my visa i will leave immediately. that's why they kept me close to the airport. I love you and should probably get going. I emailed mom a little more detail so you can look at those oh! I didn't email Austi yet but I'll do that right away! Have fun at your meetings! Love you so much! tell the rest of the family too!

So Yes my ward is a little different, like i feel like everyone that i have met who is from Wisconsin is a convert. Like it doesn't feel the same as any other ward we have been too, the building is old school but it has a super huge intense organ. But it feels just kinda old and rustic. I met my mission president on Sunday but only for a little bit because we had ward counsel. They seemed really nice though. Oh my companions are sporty so score! we are gonna go to the gym at the church today for pday. Oh so my first door approach involved a door in my face but it was alright as i was braced for it. I really know of only one investigator who we are really focused on but i am excited for this week to pick up so we can get so more teaching appointments set up because so far it has been really slow and every one has been cancelling on us. We have a brand new car, like literally they got it the week before i got here and we are on the outskirts of Milwaukee. there are a lot of trees and the houses are mainly like old school stone, they are super cool! Um yeah i think it is relatively flat but i really haven't been paying attention. i will take some pictures soon and send them your way. Oh so the guy who showed up to church yesterday is kinda strange like apparently when he feels the spirit he shakes and cries and kinda has a freak companions have been trying to break him of that, but i have a new email so i am gonna check that real quick. Love You!

Okay I ran out of time! but i was emailing you and dad so together i think you both have the gist of it :) I love you sooo much! tell Connelly and Austianna that I love them too! I hope everything is going great and I am so glad that we could talk Friday, Love you mom! thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. You have helped me sooo much!

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