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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Hey! I am so excited to get your letters! So today has been kinda crazy and i only have a limited amount of time to email...well that's normal but it is near the end of pday. So today we went to the center of Formosa and went to a Paraguayan market. it was super cool! but in the morning we also cleaned our apartment hardcore! it feels so much nicer to be in our apartment now that it is cleaner. oh! i sent my letters to you today. I am sorry i didn't write more, i wish i could just send you my journal but i would be way to scared that it would never get to you. oh so i am gonna send this now and then send my mission president a email and then continue, but how is Connelly doing? (Connelly just had his wisdom teeth removed)

Oh so i just had a milanesa on a sandwich, it was sooo good! oh and i am gonna send you a box of their flan mix here because it was so delicious. also i think i am gonna come back a porker! like for real, we had 2 meals in a row that were so huge i feel like i ate enough for a family of 12 like i wanted to throw up! and both of the ladies just kept putting food on the plate and the one was saying how she loves it when people eat a lot! yeah i
actually kinda dread lunch because eating feels like a chore! hey what did you do for mom's birthday?

Well like normal i have run out of time to email but this week was good, i learn more Spanish every day and people think i have been here longer than i have. i love you sooo much and i swear i will write more next time, but oh! i almost forgot! i know we said there would be stores here and there are but they literally do not have some of the things i need and i have been looking so could you send me a package? (She goes on about all these highly important things like taco seasoning, socks, pens, etc. Obviously things that are life and death) 

i love you so much! and I hope you are doing really well! Love you! Tell everyone at home that i pray for them everyday and i miss them and i hope they are doing great and well i am doing awesome! :) Love

Hermana Quick

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