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Sunday, June 2, 2013

May 27, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Hey I made it!!! The rest of my travels here were good. I slept for 7 hours of my 10 hour flight, so that was really nice and then we waited in a church office building for nearly the whole rest of that day waiting for our next flight to Resistencia. I met an extremely atheist man there who was a professional squash player and the Brazilian Olympic volleyball team was on the same flight with us so that was really random. But we got to Resistencia and met our mission president at like 11pm and then we went to the mission home, which was really nice. We eventually slept. But the next day we had a little orientation thing and President Heyman and his wife are super cool! Well, I have only one companion now and she is from Connell Washington! She has only been here for 4 months and we were told that we were white washing an area so that has been an adventure! We just about know where everything is at now, well relatively. We almost got someone married our second day here but the guy wouldn´t go for it, which was sad because we could have had a baptism to start our area off but hopefully in 2 weeks we can do it. But i understand a little, like most of the time I kinda know what's going on, but my companion isn´t fluent yet either. The other day a lady invited us in and while we were walking in my companion turned around and said, I have no idea what shes talking about...yep neither did I. So I have been trying not to worry about it because i am told that the gift of tongues will eventually kick in but i am having a hard time imagining that right now because i don´t feel like i speak Spanish that much at all. But our apartment isn´t too bad, the shower is a major pain! It is either super hot or freezing. Oh my first day we were so lost we couldn´t find our lunch appointment and we didn´t end up eating until companion felt really bad, but i just kinda thought it was funny :) The main meal of the day here is lunch and so far the food has been really good. oh and there are tons of dogs here! like they are all gross and they are everywhere! This sounds brutal but i kinda wish someone would just put some of them out of their misery because all they do now is get diseases, poop everywhere, and eat garbage!

 I love you so much and i am not gonna lie...this is really hard. like i have been having a hard time staying positive all the time, well it is actually only tough in the morning and evening, but i know i need this experience but sometimes i kinda want to cry... i know that god is looking out for me now, but i wanna be able to speak with the people around me!  i love you all sooo much! i know you pray for me and that makes things easier :)
Hermana Quick

A quick note by dad: I remember all too well those first few weeks of being immersed in a new culture with everyone speaking the wrong language. It is taxing on the brain to say the least and it makes everyone cry every once in a while as it is the most frustrating thing ever to not be able to speak or understand...but as I've told her, it comes with time and some effort. In a month, she'll be chatting up a storm and understanding most everything...something that took her dad a good six months to do on his mission in Uruguay back in the day! Any letters you can send always tend to brighten her day of course:)

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