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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June 17, 2013 Formosa Argentina

I wish i could have been there for Fathers day! I really missed you. Everybody's father here seemed to be totally wasted yesterday and i had a headache from lack of sleep and yeah it was a hard day but a good one, i just wish i could have given you a hug. What did the family do for  you for fathers day i hope they made you milanesas! i made ñoquis the other day at a members house and i am gonna send you a super cool thing to roll the noquis into shape because it was super cool. yeah i haven´t decided how i am gonna send stuff and not get anything stolen but there are some things that i want you all to see. yep people "chch" here but it sounds a little different and most of the time i try really hard to ignore it because it is usually men trying to get the attention of my companion. yep we definitely have a snake problem. and a dog problem for that matter, i literally ripped my slip when i jumped over a canal to get away from a German Shepard. like it actually looked like a pure bred German Shepard and he was huge! like the neighbor let him out when we walked by and my companion was fumbling with her bag to hit it but i just ran and jumped the canal next to the road. yep it was scary but we are alright and we had another dog from the same barrio that was a great dane, greyhound mix that almost got me but i jumped back when it lunged at my legs and then the owner got a hold of it, but this time my companion took off screaming "fuera". it was so funny! yea and terrifying. oh today i woke up at 4:30 to go to Resistencia and then Corrientes to get my Argentinian id thingy. i am one step closer to being legal here for my whole mission. which is funny because my companion has been here illegally for 2 months now. <oh we had two investigators at church!!!!!! finally! i was so happy i about cried! and i am pretty positive that we might have my first baptism Saturday. oh i hope it happens! Oh i set a goal today to take more pictures because i am not gonna lie i don´t bring my camera much because i never have time to take pictures and we are told to only bring it pday, but i really should document some things so i will do that! we had a zone conference last week and all the hermanas sang. i am so glad that is over, and we found out that we have 71 hermanas that are waiting to come to our mission soooo i am scared because i think i will be training right after i get trained which is scary but i think i can do like a few months. Hey dad i hope you know how much i love you. And of course tell everyone that i love them too but i was sad that i missed fathers day. i think of you all the time and i wish you were here to see my area and try the food and talk with people because it would be like the DR and going there really changed the way i looked at life........Words cannot express what you and the family mean to me. i love you soooo much! and i will do my best to take more photos! i am sorry i don´t have more time to write today but i was gone all day traveling and you were right, the buses here are really nice! i hope you have a great week and  don´t worry i have an awesome letter in Spanish headed your way, well i have to write it tonight, but i hope my Spanish will be understandable...tell everyone how much i love them!!!!! Thank you for all that you have done for me dad, time here is flying by and i am excited for the day when i get to give you a gigantic hug again! love you!

Hermana Quick

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