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Friday, July 12, 2013

June 24, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

So everything you just wrote in Spanish about the mail and stuff, yeah i don´t know what you meant. We get mail here every two weeks but i haven´t received anything yet and yep send it to the office. We get our letters at our zone conferences and district meetings. We will get mail tomorrow so maybe i will be able to read one of your letters then. 

But anyway this week has been cold! It has rained all week and in our apartment is usually low 60s and one night it was 58 so yeah it was chilly but i think i am getting used to it now because it wasn´t as bad yesterday but our first night there was a lot of shivering going on and not so much sleeping! But our first day of rain here... the streets literally became rivers! like it was pouring and within 30 minutes our boots were filled with water and when we would have to cross the the other side of the street we would get water in our boots because the water flowing down the streets was higher than our boots were tall. Yeah and i washed some of my socks and my clothing the other day but i cannot seem to get them dry because it is so wet and cold out. I don´t know how some people survive the rain though because the water literally flows into their houses and they have to come home to make sure it is still standing when they get back. Those are in the poorer areas but still! It breaks my heart when i see that people live in houses made of random things and they cook everything over a fire and yeah it is like camping but all the time! Yep i know my spanish is improving but it is so slow its painful! I am working on it though. Oh! yesterday my back started spasming. I must have pinched a nerve or something, so i couldn't move, i called the doctor and now i am on some sketchy argentinian muscle relaxer so hopefully that gets better. life is great as long as i don´t sit super long and really even then it is just tight and uncomfortable  Yep but just so you know the message i share with people and the commitment i extend are actually eternal, i wish people would realize that! The decisions we make now will affect us in the future, but people don´t wanna change because it is work. I love the people though and I love my mission i still get really frustrated at times because i feel like every other day i can understand people and there is some pressure to learn spanish because there are so many new sisters coming in that i will have to train soon and well that is just scary! Anyway life here is great! The dogs are still awful and i kinda wanna kill them all but other than that i kinda like walking in the mud and though i am not that great at it yet, i like teaching, well i pretty much just testify. I love you all so much and i pray for you all the time and yep i miss you, but i know this is where i am meant to be and i have so much to learn here. I hope everyone is doing great! Is Austi still alive? I love you all sooo much!

So i am doing good here and stuff but could the family all send me a motivational or inpirational thought, or their testimonies? I will take more pictures in return :) Love you

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