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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

whoa! So i don´t know what is up with today but i have a awful computer and it is super hard to read. i ate alligator this past week!!!!! Yep and now i know how to fry my up some empanadas. They are so good but of course to finish up my meal i went to drink some fanta and after i was bringing the cup down from my mouth there was a huuuuuge mosquito that probably had west Nile all over it in my cup!!!! it was sick!!! Oh and yesterday the water went out in our apartment so we couldn´t shower and it was Sunday so we couldn´t buy water and our water reserve is way outdated. yea this morning we had to take a bus to the pension of some other sisters and shower and brush our teeth and stuff oh yeah and go to the bathroom! It is cold here right now, just like you said, but it isn´t that bad. I am not hating it but i miss the heat a little. It kinda just feels like camping all the time because if it is cold out side it is cold inside and you never escape it. It is cold at night but for some reason it hasn´t been bothering me. I am so glad i brought the clothes that i did though. I was gonna try sending you some pics today but this computer is absolutely awful so i will put my memory card in my envelope tomorrow so that will be sent your way...i am a little scared to send it because I would be so sad if something happened to it, but this computer thing hasn´t been working. So it sounds like life there has been busy but awesome!

Okay I still haven´t read all my emails so I am gonna send this your way, but nope there are 3 more Sundays here and we are teaching some people who are so ready to be baptized and I am excited for these next few weeks. I don´t know my address but it is on puchini and jaquin de los santos on the corner. I don´t know if i will be training next transfer but i will be going to a new missionary training next Monday so i don´t know when i am gonna email you, but i am excited to see what is up! Hey i am gonna read moms email real fast, love you!!!!!!!!
Hermana Quick
oh crocodile kinda has a fishy taste but then kinda a chicken taste is good though!

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