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Friday, July 12, 2013

July 8, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Dad i wish i could tell you how much your emails mean to me! They just make me so happy! I am so glad that this last week was so awesome! It sounds like you were the cemetery man!   I am so glad everyone is doing great! I am so glad that mom went! She wasn´t hurting too bad traveling, right? Oh we made flan yesterday but it was from a box! dulce de leche flavored, yeah i eat a ton of dulce de leche like my companion has a major sweet tooth and it is rubbing off. So this week was really hot and then it was super sad, it started raining in morning and there was only 10 people at church! It was fast and testimony meeting and all the members there bore their testimony, i didn´t because we ran out of time, but three of us missionaries didn´t but then i had to direct the music. Oh i am with the same companion! Which i am really glad because we have a legit baptism this weekend! This will be my first baptism of my mission! Oh but my companion and i are the only sister companions in formosa (actually i think in our whole mission) who didn´t have a change. Every companionship here changed even the elders in our zone except one and us. We have divisions this week and i am super nervous because this i am the companion who is staying and my comp is going to a different area. it will be me and another white girl well she has been here a transfer longer than me and she served a transfer in the states Spanish speaking, but i am still nervous because i am gonna have to be in charge...i know though that the lord will help me every step of the way because this is people's salvation. The Spanish is still coming, slowly but surely. I am not super confident and some days are better than others but i know that eventually i will get there. Oh! on the fourth we were in a zone conference and elder Zeballos and his wife came. But during their talks there were fireworks going off outside! It was some saint thing, but it was during the day so i don´t know what the point of fireworks is during the day. me and three other hermanas sang mas cerca dios de ti and it was good. i am so tired of singing! So far it has been a musical number a transfer, but whatever, it isn´t hard it is just time consuming. i don´t wanna practice that if we could be finding some prepared people instead. Okay i am gonna send this real quick and then write my president. then i will be back! Love you sooo much!

Hermana Quick

Sorry i would love to exchange emails but i can´t...I need way more than an hour to email everyone! I will email you first next Monday :) Have so much fun at the Burg! They have awesome lazer tag in town and next door is a good burger place if you are feeling crazy! Also remind mom to keep her eyes closed while swimming in the Great Salt Lake! I love you all so much! I feel so much more pumped for my week knowing that you are all doing so great :) love you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and the gospel is true!

Hermana Quick

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