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Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

I have been taking way more pictures!!!! Just so you know, we are also gonna stop by the correo (post office)  to send our letters so i will get those to you! but guess what!!!!!! I had my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy i was fighting back tears because it was seriously a battle to get him in the water, but he now has the priesthood and he will probably get a calling on Sunday. I am so happy for him. 

I was so excited to hear about hna crawley! She made it back to her mission after surgery! I have kept in contact with most of the people from the mtc and Wisconsin and everyone has been doing great but not everyone is in their originally assigned missions yet. Dang dad you are a driving fool! Thanks for having connelly write me, I love hearing about what he is up to, is he going to sell in Texas? so my fingers are really tired because my keyboard is super sticky so i am going extra slow today. Oh! I got a letter from Abril and you and grandma quick, i couldn´t believe it when she was talking about moving but i am super excited for them! yay! 

So this week has been crazy. Our leaders said we probably had more lessons than any other companionship in the mission because we were pumping 'em out trying to find those prepared people, it was exhausting, we had divisions again on Tuesday and that was pretty good, i don´t know i will write more details in a letter, but i came back Wednesday and we did work, we found out the next day though that the poorer part of our area turns into a jungle! like there are hut shack and things that seem to go on forever! we hadn´t spent much time there because we don´t have address for anyone and we are only allowed to be there until the sun goes down and then it gets sketchy, but it is super cool! next Monday we are gonna eat alligator with a family out there and they are gonna teach us how to prepare it too and armadillo! yeah we are so stoked! We met a guy from Miami the other day so that was really surprising and then some random chipa man stopped us and tried talking to us in English and before he left he said may the force be with you! Ya it made our day. Oh i had a fever like i got pretty sick this week too and my companion was freakin us both out by talking about west nile crap, but she wanted me to stay home and just go on divisions with some members but  i refused! Tylenol kept me alive and we did a ton of work, but i thought i was gonna die at the moment, i am back to normal now. O i am gonna send this love you soooooo much!!!!!

Hermana Quick

Well i don´t think you are online but i love you and the family so much i just can´t describe it! I missed you all a lot this sunday but i am so glad that i am having these experiences here, but i pray for you all everyday! I am doing great, and i am learning so much more every day, oh and i hope you all are reading your scriptures every day! If you don´t satan can getcha, our baptism almost didn´t happen only because our investigator didn´t read for 2 days, and then that night he did and he was fine again but the book of mormon is so powerful and the blessing we can receive from just reading is amazing not to mention it's a commandment, but it is amazing. I love you all so much! Oh i got a letter from Austi too!!!!!! written on her favorite notepad with her favorite pen and it made my day, thanks! I hope you are having a great summer! good luck in your softball tournament! I hope mom´s business is hopping! Love you!

Hermana Quick

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