Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7-30-13 Formosa, Argentina

Google Earth shot of where Reinna lives...She hasn't sent other pics, so I have to improvise!

Sounds like you are crazy busy! And having tons of fun of course! Yep the weather here is starting to go back to normal and so far it has been like the perfect temperature, but people keep telling us horror stories about the summer, in Formosa it gets to be 50 degrees i don't know the exact temperature that would be in fahrenheit but i know that is crazy crazy hot! Yep I went to send my memory card yesterday with the pictures from the baptism and my area but they wouldn'}t let me send it in a normal envelope so i am gonna try sending it in a small package. oh yesterday when i was in Resistencia I got your package and a bunch of letters!!!!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!! I must say i loved all the maria stickers stuck to the package:) 

So my companion and I...I don't think I told you but we are the only two gringas who are companions in our entire mission! Yesterday was the conference for all the new missionaries and most of them have major struggles with their companions and one that came with me cried everyday for the first 3 weeks and still cries because she was put in her second white wash in two transfers and her companion is brand new also. I haven't cried at all, not in Wisconsin and not here...I think i am just a freak. But we have a lot of potential in our area and we are starting to see our hard work pay off, because oh yea me and my companion are obedient and we teach more lessons than any other companionship in our zone:) Every week has been getting a little better too. We have had a lot of stuff fall through though like our baptism this last week, but it was so last minute. We literally taught her everything in a week because she wanted to be baptised on a specific day. didn't work out.

The language is coming. Every other day people tell me my Spanish sucks and then the other days they tell me how good i am doing so i don't really know, but i can communicate with people and i help in lessons as much as i can. It's tough because I am also learning still, so I listen a ton, but this week is the 11th week of my training so pretty much I am supposed to start running the show and next week is my final week of training! Its crazy! I am trying to think of anything exciting that has happened but really my companion and i just work hard every day. We teach in different spots with different people and different lessons, but in general it is pretty much the same. Well there are tons of funny things in between too :) But I will write you in a couple hours, we have to go eat lunch and then go to a district meeting and then we can come back and i will let you know what else has been going on, but i love you soooooo much! Thank you so much for all that you have done for me! talk to you later!!!!

Hermana Quick

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