Countdown to see Reinna

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 1, 2013 Formosa, Argentin

So i printed your emails off earlier and then read them when my
companion and i were traveling back to our area but i feel really bad
that you were so worried about me! Last week wasn´t that bad it is
just hard because normally if something happened and i was upset about
it i would talk to one of you all, but here i have my companion and
that isn't the same:) yeah it is just hard at times, but i
hope you know that i am happy and i do love it here! I will try my
best not to vent, and on the Spanish front i know that one day i will
get it and so the hope is definitely still alive, but my experience
sounds very different from dad´s. (yeah, she actually understands the language at times I bet) 
 I am learning tons though and i am
getting better, but progress is slow and there is a ton of pressure
because there are so many new sisters coming in and i am told that i
will be training if not this week (transfers are Wednesday) then i
will probably be training the next transfer. yeah...scary. i know the
Lord would help me and i would be alright, but let's face it, it would
be a little nuts. Mom, you mentioned in your email about dad writing
down the words he didn´t know and then studying them. I actually have
not been doing that. I try to write down words i don´t know but my
companion learned her Spanish by just listening and when i ask her
questions she can´t really explain why or what it means exactly she
just knows it works. Yeah that is frustrating to me, but i do
understand a ton. i feel like i know most of the vocab, there are some
things like medical vocab that i really don´t know but i understand
the general gist of it. the hard part is speaking, and speaking well.
i haven´t gotten to the point where i can respond well or quickly
because i am translating and it takes a while for me to figure out
what words they used exactly, but its weird because i know what they
said most of the time. I don´t know i feel like in the next couple
months it will click, but for now it is just crazy nerve racking. I
gave the spiritual thought yesterday in our consejo de barrio and i
got so nervous that yeah it was super short and i kinda just rambled,
but they were nice about it. But that's the hard part not being nervous
and being confident. My companion is always trying to help me be more
confident, but its a struggle. And she is a really outgoing person and
kinda loud so i feel like there is a ton of pressure to be way more
crazy and outgoing. I mean i have no problem trying to talk to people
i am just more calm about it and less animated in my actions. I hope
that's alright because i don´t know. Any way that was all the
unimportant stuff. Today we had choir practice. Like for real i am in
another musical number!!!!! WE have another zone conference and my
companion and i and two other sisters and singing. Who would have
known my mission would have been a mini musical performance, but its
alright it is kinda fun. Oh the weather warmed up! Which was nice but
i was really actually getting used to the cold, like it would have
been more fun if it had been raining like it did the first day but it
was like walking through a mister all the time. It has been fun
though. Oh! I got two letters from you dad!!!!! I was pretty excited i
am not gonna lie! Hey i think you can do some sort of dear elder thing
too because i got a from a girl from my ward in Wisconsin.
So this past week we had 4 people at church and we had a lot of
success and it really came down to...drum roll...the members!!!! We
had so much more help this week and it was amazing! We have one
investigator who really wants to be baptized too and he is like
already prepping for it, the only problem is that he kinda wants to
marry my companion:)...yeah we have a definite snake problem here! It
has been alright though because he has a ton of support form the ward
so we know when we leave he will be alright. Yep the work of salvation
i think that was the name of that missionary conference thing the
other day was so awesome! Well i watched it in Spanish so peoples
voices were not the same but it was really awesome! I am trying to
think of something that happened last week that was exciting but i am
super tired and nothing is coming to mind...I am gonna send this your
way and then keep pondering because i did have more to say..I love you
all sooo much! I can feel your prayers and your love every day! I am
so glad that everyone there is happy and that everyone has such
awesome testimonies! I am excited to here about your trip to Utah!!!!!
You are gonna have to tell Austianna hi for me because i don´t hear
from that girl anymore, but enjoy her while you can!!!! :) I love you
all so much and i just want to assure you that i am doing great!
Everyday has its challenges but i know that those challenges are
helping me become a better person and well i know that i am slowly
gathering the lord's flock and that is something to feel good about
siempre! I love you all!

Hermana Quick

...yep i have had a canolie thingy i think, but
i haven´t gotten all the food names down yet and i really do need to
learn how to cook some of it because it is really good! honestly it
doesn't make my stomach feel that awesome but it tastes good! Yep it
would be an adventure to train and i wouldn´t mind but i know it would
be stressful. I like getting the snail mail, but if you wanna mention
it to mom or connelly... or austi for that matter! Yea i would write
you again today in a letter so hopefully i will remember a good story
before then, but i love you so much and i hope you all have a
fantastic fourth of July!!!!!! Think of me a little bit alright, but
then just go have some crazy good fun :) Oh could you check up on
Abril for me and make sure she is doing alright, i haven´t heard from
her in a while. Love you soooo much!

Hermana Quick

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