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Monday, June 3, 2013

June 3, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

I am sorry for ranting last week. i knew the first week would be hard. Monday was just bad, but after a lot of prayers and reading my scriptures and the support of everyone around me i feel waaay better. I have been participating way more in lessons and that makes me feel so much better! if all else fails i just wanna testify and my companion has been helping a ton! like she is really supportive. 

I have no idea where i am living now, like we live on the edge of barrio venezuela in formosa. Our area is right off circumvalacion and yeah it is also near barrio la paz, but let me tell you the organization of this place is crazy! like seriously it makes no sense and having a map hasn´t helped because the addresses literally don´t
follow a system. my companion thankfully has an amazing sense of direction because i can´t seem to get a hold of the place, but i will. Oh, so my companion and I made goals to talk more Spanish and we do good sometimes, but it has been our goal to bring more members around and when they are there we have to speak Spanish so i like that even though it is really hard. oh and tomorrow i am actually going on exchanges and the hermana i will be with is a native so yay! oh my companion and i barely missed the mission´s standard of excellence
this week! we missed it because we didn´t have anyone at church which was super tough because we worked so hard and there was supposed to be 8 of them but they all bailed! yeah but after praying a lot and reading preach my gospel with my scriptures, i felt soooooo much better! i was also waking up sad because i was tired, but now after praying a lot i wake up excited and happy and that is just further evidence that our Heavenly Father always, always answers prayers! hey, i am gonna send this so you can reply :) i love you all soooooo much!
Hermana Quick

2nd email response

Yep cyber cafe it is, my keyboard is awful too. <oh i forgot to tell you we don´t have a post office in our area so next week i will send my letters and stuff, but i am told it takes a month to get stuff there and three weeks to receive stuff here. <but i was wondering if you could send me some stuff, like hydrocorizone creme or something because my mosquito bites have been swelling to abnormal sizes yeah the people here were like whoa! you are allergic and i was like yep it seems so. and also more spray and deodorant, i have some
now but my companion said that they only have spray here and that it doesn´t work very well. also... <oh so i forgot to mention i ate milanesas the other day as well as polenta and you said you didn´t like that but so far i have liked it, we never eat vegetables though, i miss my veggies. oh and we ate canolees? i am not sure how to spell it but it was like crepes but with other stuff in the middle. yeah the food has been really good and today my  companion and i are headed to chango mas which is like the walmart of here and so that is how we are spending our pday. well also that is out of our area so we have that whole travel thing, oh but we can´t play sports here, like we can´t meet up with other missionaries on pday which is alright i guess, i like my companion so its cool. <i will get my address to you in my letter that i will write today with some more details. <i love you so much and i don´t think i told you but iguasu falls isn´t in my mission any more. i am in the other part and so you need to come pick me up so we can go see it at the end, and see your mission. i might just be dreaming, but the other day i was thinking about it and yeah you should come pick me up from here when I'm done. :) I thought i should tell you that now so you can prepare for that :) i love you soooo much! you are always in my prayers! talk to you next week!

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