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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 12, 2013 - Formosa, Argentina

Reinna and Hermana Baker

Oh hearing about your week almost made me homesick but i know where i am supposed to be but i must say there are moments:) I just try to focus up and get to work. Waterskiing does sound nice though! Your hike sounds like a doozy! is this mountain near chopaka? (Connelly and I went on a hike to Tiffany Mtn, south of Chopaka) To answer your questions about laundry and food prep, we have a member wash some of our clothes and we don´t have to pay her but we still do some of them so that takes a lot of time and it has been on the colder side so it is painful on my hands, but it hasn´t been so bad. We also have lunch with a member every day and we have learned how to make empanadas but most of the time we show up and the food is prepared. We have an hour at their house and so they always do everything before hand or they don´t want our help, but don´t worry i am paying  attention how they make things:)  Oh the food though, it is not that different than state side stuff like tons of noodles, rice and meat...loads and loads of meat! I must say i am just about used to the meat but i go through phases of absolutely hating meat because we eat it so stinking much! This last week was awesome because we ate way more vegtables okay it wasn´t that much more but they we there. 

Well it sounds like you had a really awesome trainer on your mission then if he is not a mission president! That is super cool! How is jared (Nelson) doing? So this last week was kinda tough on the teaching front because we have two guys who are all about the bible and want to almost bible bash by exchanging arguments via scriptures when we meet! So it has been a challenge to teach them, but they came to church and there is hope that things will go good with them.

whoa my computer was freaking out! So transfers are this week...yep i am freaking out! I am not sure how many sisters are coming in but everyone keeps telling me i am gonna train and that scares me. I know i could do it and it would be crazy hard, but whoa. We find out tomorrow soooo yep i am nervous. I just wanna know now so i can tell you but chances are that i won´t be staying with my companion. Well hey i am gonna try and get some pictures on this dang computer. I love you soo much!!!!! Have tons of fun in Utah and tell Connelly and Austi and Bruce (both of them) that i love them soooo much! I pray for you all, all the time! oh i am not sick anymore :) But have tons of fun and i am excited to let you know what is happening on this end next week! 

Hermana Quick

ps i haven´t been attacked by a dog in a couple weeks! life is good! and your apple cider saved me and my comp this week! love you with all my heart!

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