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Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Goat head, sheep head? YUMMY!

I don´t remember what pics i sent last week to tell you more about but this week is just some random ones and one from our baptism this Saturday! It sounds like oak city was awesome! I felt the slightest tingle of jealousy but really i am not "trunky" as i have a year more of this and i don´t wanna go home yet because i have sooooo much more to learn. and let me tell you, i am definitely learning! This week was a challenge, but we're doing great! It is super cold here by the way!!!!!!! i only got a couple hours of sleep last night because i couldn´t feel my feet! I woke up really ticked off because of it, but quickly gained my composure and read my scriptures:) This week was crazy what with planning our baptism and all and our shower head broke and we ran out of gas. But our bishop saved the day and brought us gas after a couple days so all was well. It has been cold all week though and not having hot water was pretty brutal, but at least we can heat up water now :) I can´t believe hna dean is still in washington! that's crazy! Thanks for giving me hna Crawley's address. i hope i can find the correo soon because i need to send some letters. Well it sounds like everyone is great! I whined more than i wanted to in this email but i was kinda on edge before we got here. oh we have 30 visa waiters coming this week and 15 are hermanas so we are gonna have a mini translado this week. I hope they split our area because it is gigantic! We spend a lot of the day traveling.  Well i love you sooooo much! and you don´t have to worry about me getting trunky. i do look forward to the day you pick me up and i can talk in spanish fluently...whoa that seems like forever away and yet right around the corner! I love you dad! Make sure the family also knows how much i care about them. i never forget to pray for you all and i know heavenly father is looking after you all! I miss you but i know this work is so important,i wish more people would realize that our message is crucial to their lives. What we do now affects our life after and this life is a time to grow and it will be hard but without the gospel it would seem near impossible! Thanks for always remaining fiel! I love you with all my heart and thank you so much for always emailing me and keeping me in your prayers :)
Hermana Quick

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