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Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Well you are gonna be shocked to know that my companionship has changed AGAIN because i am now training a greeny from the states!!! She doesn´t know much Spanish, she is half Mexican though so everyone thinks she knows what is going on, but yeah she doesn´t speak much Spanish at all quite yet. It is weird because i was giving most of the lesson before but now i literally teach the entire lesson! I'm sure she will progress quickly though. I stayed in the same area though and i feel like i can get around now, but i have moments when i am still a little lost. We wandered here in Centro just looking for this cyber for half an hour, but i found it! yay! Yea so our numbers have been pretty low, it is driving me up the wall! They made a new rule about lessons. Now we have to be sitting in order for it to count as a lesson, soooo yeah we still meet a ton of people but yea our lideres talked to me for a half hour this morning telling me what i need to do. I was a very respectful but they were just telling me to do what i already had planned. I must say though, there is way more pressure being the senior comp but then to have a companion who can´t help speak too much is really hard. I am still working hard, I am determined to improve this week! My new comp is super cool though, she is kinda quiet but she is opening up, she is from Utah and she has two sisters and they are triplets! She also waited for a visa in Vancouver Washington for 5 weeks. Oh her name is Hna Skirvin. The other day i discovered that all the ditches in our area are full of turtles!!!!! They are huge! and shockingly fast. It is also getting hotter here so we will undoubtedly be seeing more spiders, snakes, and scorpions and of course mosquitoes...All things that i hate of course, but it is all part of the fun :/ I wrote you a letter the other day in Spanish so hopefully i can find the correo soon so i can send you all a package. Thanks for sending me tons of good stuff!!! So i have no problem whatsoever focusing during the week on the work, but on Sundays i must say i miss you all a lot! I miss going to church with you all and then coming home and hanging out! I will be doing that with you all in a year, but still Sundays are the hardest day of the week. I love you sooooo much! oh so every hermana in our mission now is either training or in the process of being trained, it is crazy! and in 3 weeks we will have transfers again and the visa waiters are really starting to come, i will probably stay with my companion, but do you have any advice on how to teach someone a new language in like no time? i try to speak with her only in Spanish but because she doesn´t understand she just kinda zones out at times and then i ask her a question and then she responds in Spanish...yeah i don´t know how i have learned as much Spanish as i have because all my companions speak English. literally they make jokes about the fact that i am the only hermana in the mission who has never had a latina companion, and with all the visa waiters i probably never will, but time will tell:) Well i need to email pte Heyman, but i love you soooo much!  I hope you have a great week and don´t forget to pray for me! Hey and tell Connelly he can email me too! Oh and austi, is she still alive? I will write Carina and Maria today as well. I love you sooo much!  Good luck being a white hat, you will do great!

Hermana Quick

PS. I need to send you some more pics, but in my new area it is a little more dangerous and i can´t bring my camera with me so hopefully i can take some pictures today. vamos a ver, espero que podamos. Sorry i am gonna respond and then i got to go, but there are a lot of people who drive by on motos(motorcycles) and take your bag and at night there is hardly any light, and everything is far from our pension(apartment) so i can´t go back to put my camera away, i don´t know. i don´t feel like it is too sketchy or dangerous but all of the members here tell us horrible stories, but i love you dad! Hope you have a great week!

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