Countdown to see Reinna

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 16, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

 Conferencia de Hermanas - Photo hacked from Sister Heyman's website:) Reinna is right behind the mission president and his wife (The Heyman's)

Another pic hacked from Sister Heyman's blog - She was in a couple of others, but you can't see her face except the one above....but she's there and looks happy!

We had a big conference Monday for all the sister missionaries in the mission. First one ever in our mission because we have so many sister missionaries now. 

The conference was awesome! I was soooo excited to see all the hermanas especially hna Baker! I had moments where i was frustrated and i wanted to talk but really i had so much fun with her, we both seriously almost cried when we saw each other, but she is doing great. She is just struggling with a companion who has the same time as me but still can't speak so well, but my companion is doing good. This week has been tougher for her because i know that I have to just chuck her under the bus and make her participate in speaking or she won't talk so i don't think she is super thrilled, but she is learning. I am really sorry i don't have more time, but i have to be back in my pension in a tiny bit. 

Oh, the weather...yeah, it got cold again and it is just starting to heat up again, but so far my boots are alright. The rainboots here are awful! They kill my feet but i can tough it out. i have not received the packages yet but i got a letter from you today, but i have not read it yet! i am super stoked though. i like reading your emails so don't worry about writing me a novel, it keeps me on my toes! I love you dad and i swear you will get tons more information next week!
hermana quick
PS. Tell Connelly he is a straight up stud!!!! I wanna give him a huuuge hug! dang he's so cool:)

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