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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 Resistencia, Argentina

Hna Baker and I rocking it in the mud in San Juan 1

First email today:

(Yadahyahyadah....personal stuff dad edits. Some things are simply not meant to be on a blog, which is why this post is a little shorter than most:) 

Yeah people have told me about that whole culture difference with a latina companion, but i just want one transfer immersed and then i am totally cool with another gringa or whoever the Prez sends my way, but i am really struggling to help my companion and then learn more for myself at the same time. I'll get there eventually, but I would like the chance to be immersed with the language with a latin companion sometime soon. In the meantime Hma Skirvin and I will learn and work hard together.

Well, this week has been good. i am stressed and tired because i haven't been sleeping and my lideres have been breathing down my neck, but it is all good. At this point it is hot and being sick and hot is very uncomfortable but it will pass. I hope you aren't worried or anything. i really am great! just the stress of the mission :) Well i don't have any time left, but could you call austi today and let her know that i didn't have time to email this week but this Sunday i will be thinking about her a ton! We will be having some confirmations that day so it is gonna be great! I love you dad. Sorry i had a ton of emails this week and i couldn't write everyone, but i love you!!!! now i need to eat as i just realized i haven't really done that today :' whoops!
Hermana Quick
Have i mentioned how much i love you! and our family!

2nd email today in response to an earlier email I had sent:

Oh dad your weekly letters make me so happy! Tell Pte Walker hi for me and that not to worry i am working hard! :) Well my week wasn't quite as exciting as yours:) well it is getting suuuper hot! but people keep laughing and telling us that we haven't seen anything yet and that we are gonna comforting. I think the heat or something made me sick because i have been down for two days i threw up and had a fever, but i still went and gave my talk at church which was surprisingly easy because with the pain in my gut and the spirit i didn't have any room left to be nervous. I think it went pretty well for my first talk in Argentina. my companion is doing pretty good. i need to be better at talking to her in spanish, but i can tell she is understanding more. she just always checks with me first in english and then she tries to speak. she is doing good though...... i know that in a year i might have the hang of this language. I am not doing too bad though because we are having two baptisms this week!!!! yay!!! They will get confirmed on Austi's birthday! Oh and this morning my comp and i deep cleaned our apartment! the mold didn't seem to bother the other missionaries but it was sick! We wiped down the walls and wiped our bed down and then replaced our mattresses because they had bugs. So all is good now. :) No dog stories, they are still here but they don't attack or go crazy like the ones in my other area. there are tons of turtles though!!! And they are big! i still haven't taken a picture because everyone always talks about people getting their bags stolen like it is a problem here...i don't wanna lose my camera, but i am gonna send this your way! love you!!!! Thank you so much for being the best dad in the world!!!!!! Tell everyone how much i love them too!!!

Hermana Quick

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