Countdown to see Reinna

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 Transferred to Resistencia, Argentina

Reinna with her new companion Hermana Johansen

Oh dad my week....yep transfers happened and i am now in resistencia! I am finishing the training of Hermana Johansen...yep I am with another gringa in a massive area. I was kinda freaking out the first two days majorly! Hna johansen was in the mtc with me and she waited in ohio a transfer more thanme but she is here now and i am now her senior companion. (Could be a little uncomfortable since we started our mission at the same time, but we'll work together well I'm sure!) I am pretty overwhelmed but i know the lord called me to do this so i can do it, but it has been a rough week. My new area is gigantic! probably 3 times the size of my other area and i still haven't seen huge parts of it. We are the only missionaries in our ward, but our ward is super awesome! They all want to help us sooo much. Oh so yesterday our shower broke so now we are all about bucket baths, my companion thinks bucket baths are fun....i think everyone knows this, but i think showers are the best thing ever! Especially when it is cold and yep it has been chilly lately. The first cold day here in Resistencia was my first day here, well according to the people but that is okay with me because that means the summer won't hit us for a little bit...i am so scared of the summer here as everyone here talks about how hot and awful it is. Yay :/ Lets see what else...Oh we have a baptism this Saturday. The hermana who I replaced just went home and she was here my first day so she filled me in a ton because my companion now doesn't understand everything yet, so some things she doesn't know because her companion always took care of it. I am understanding way more now, but talking is hard, I can talk but i know there are some grammatical things that i am not using yet, like subjunctive. I recognise it when people are talking but it is way harder to use myself. Yep that has pretty much been my week, chaos and tons of stress. I know i can survive in argentina with the amount of spanish i know but i am more concerned about helping people recieve our message...thankfully we have a lot of members who want to accompany us and well, we will learn how to really help people better in time. Soooo yep. I am so glad you and Connelly had soo much fun in utah! I am excited to hear what all you did:) You are a driving maniac! Did connelly drive at all? How is connelly? How is austi? how is uncle bruce? Grandma and grandpa quick? Mom? grandma Judy? hey i love you soooo much! tell the family how much i love them too :) I pray for you every day and again i love you with all my heart! I hope you have a great week!


  1. Dear Quick Family,
    I am so excited, I have watched Hermana Quick's blog off and on for about the last month. Now she is our daughter's companion. I look forward to their service time together.
    Sister Amy Johansen

    1. It seems pretty crazy to see them together given how green they both are, but I'm sure that they'll work hard together and make the best of it. I'm glad you have a blog for your daughter as well so I can get another version of what is going on down there! Every missionary has a different perspective and tends to write different details home! It does sound like with the influx of sister missionaries, they are getting thrown into the deep end and forced to swim. It'll be good for them...or drown them:) I'm sure they'll have some good times together, especially after the experience reflecting on the things they did or the things they said. I do remember my first two to three months of learning Spanish in Uruguay was SUPER frustrating. If they can survive this, they can survive anything! Having a positive attitude is everything at this point for them:)I hope they get along well and enjoy their time together! I bet they do!