Countdown to see Reinna

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

Where's Reinna instead of Waldo?

I am just excited to see all your faces tomorrow!!!! I kinda had a big eye opener yesterday when i talked to an hermana who is one of my best friends and she told me that her mom passed away Saturday. It was the first time that i can recall when i cried with someone. Normally i awkwardly stand there, but it broke my heart. But it made me think a lot about why i am here and also what is motivating her to keep going. But on a lighter note my week was better. My companion was transferred to Resistencia and i stayed in my area and the other sister training leader is now my companion. We've already had to do an emergency division the other day because we have to help out a companionship. I really am grateful for the opportunity i have to serve the other hermanas! But also my new companion and i were already friends so its been good. She is from Colombia and well, we get along really well. We helped 7 people come to church on Sunday, so that was also super fun and exciting! Well the plan is still on for noon your time tomorrow (Christmas)! We have some members who are letting us use their computer and yep i am sooo pumped to talk to you all!!!!! Tell connelly to enjoy some eggnog for me! Oh so i finally found that famous guarana drink you talk about. yep it is super weird! not sure if i like it yet, but we shall see. i had to buy it in a 2 litro bottle because it was the only one they had. well hey i need to write president, but i love you soooo much! Tell mom to get better, i think i saw a letter from her and i will send her a quick message! Love you!!!!!!!!!! OH So i received the best package in the world yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hermana Quick

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