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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 Formosa, Argentina

(Short one this week, so life must be going great!)

Yay for a visit from Austi!!!!! that should be super fun and that means that i will get to talk to all of you!!! Yay! oh so i totally didn´t know there was a five hour time difference between here and there, i thought it was only like 3:) 

Well my week was pretty good. We had quite a few people at church and my companion and I are working super great together! Let's see...this week i got bit by a bug and my whole leg was swollen! It was intense! It was on my calf and the swelling spread all around my calf, yep it was huge and fat. So the doctor told me to go get some benadryl. The next day i had divisions and i took my benadryl as instructed and i just about fell asleep on my feet! My eyes were literally closing and i was rocking back and forth, yep it was horrible, but it wore off eventually. Lets see the weather has been weird, it goes from one or two days to intense heat and then rain and
then repeat. Today it is gonna rain, but tomorrow it will probably 100 something with gross humidity. Oh we also have transfers next week so that should be interesting, i hope i stay with my companion because we have a rhythm now and well we have moments when we drive each other crazy, but we work well together. Oh they also merged my branch with barrio puerto. it was kinda sad because our attendance had really increased but now we are a ward, and i have to figure out everybody's names! it's like transfers just happened again :)

i love you soooo much!!!! I hope you are doing great and tell the family how much i love them too! Love you!

Hermana Quick

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